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Thread: Question about the term Diaper Lover

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    Default Question about the term Diaper Lover

    I recently found out that the term diaper lover means someone who wears diapers for sexual purpose. But what do you call it where someone wears diapers for none sexual purpose? Diapers are not sexual for everyone who wears.

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    The term Diaper lover is just as simple as it sounds... It is someone who loves wearing a diaper.

    It could be someone who is IC that has to wear a diaper, yet still enjoys it.
    Someone who Loves wearing a diaper, but does not enjoy using it.
    Someone who Loves wearing a diaper for sexual reasons.
    Someone who Loves wearing a diaper so they can regress.
    Or someone who just loves the feeling of a wet, messy, or just dry diaper.

    It does not HAVE to be for purely sexual reasons. That is just what most people say when it is not about regressing. Most DLs (who are not AB) will say it is for sexual reasons, but not all. And technically most AB's that wear diapers are also DLs, unless the like the idea of being a baby without the diaper to go along with it.

    Hope that clears it up some. But simply put...

    A diaper lover is someone who loves diapers. Just that simple.

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    So I was being literal then I guess about the definition.

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    I've always taken diaper lover to mean someone who loves to wear diapers. Nothing sexual about that.

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    I have always thought the label is kind of stupid. I enjoy wearing diapers, I wouldn't say I LOVE them though. I would actually prefer to be termed a "diaper fetishist" even though I know it doesn't technically fit the definition of a fetish.

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    I think of myself as DL, Diapers can be a sexual turn on for me but 90% of the time it is a comfort and or destressing thing.

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    Im with Nam Repaid on the 90% the other ten not so much diapers don't have to have anything sexual what so ever about them.

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    Many people have over simplified the definitions of DL and AB, saying that diaper lovers get sexual gratification from wearing their diapers. They then say that adult babies use pacifiers, enjoy plushies and wear diapers not because of sexual gratification, but rather, to feel little and for a sense of peace. The problem with these definitions is that most of us are a combination of the two, and even at that, we fall into a wide variance of behaviors and feelings.

    One can be a diaper lover, sexually stimulated by wearing the diaper, and at the same time, enjoy babyish behavior with out being sexually aroused. One can be primarily an adult baby, and be sexually stimulated by dressing as a baby, even without using a diaper.

    I would guess,however, that the majority of diaper lovers are sexually stimulated by a diaper. I am one such person. I would also hazard a guess that adult babies who are more into plushies, bottles, paci's, are less sexually stimulated by this fantasy, and participate in it for that sense of "littleness", and the sense of peace which accompanies it.

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    I suppose somebody who simply enjoys wearing diapers could just as easily call themselves an Adult Baby or Teen Baby, where the whole age-play/regression thing is defined very narrowly as "wearing a diaper." I'll admit that when I see somebody call themselves a Diaper Lover, my first thought is of the diaper fetish, both because that describes me, and also because it's the first definition of Diaper Lover that I was introduced to. Still, like the others above, I can't see getting too hung up on specific definitions. It would be easy to get carried away and create a bunch of new terminology, and there would still be people left out.

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    I agree with ABalex. Just someone who enjoys wearing diapers whether it be sexual or nonsexual, necessary or unnecessary.

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