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Thread: Trade MW3 for Revelations?

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    Default Trade MW3 for Revelations?

    Hey guys, I just wanted to get your thoughts on whether I should trade MW3 for Revelations?

    There's an offer in hmv where if you trade MW3 you get Revelations for only 2.99.

    I don't play MW3 much co'z I'm on pay and go broadband - and I've been playing Skyrim anyway. So by the time I've finished that Revelations should have dropped in price dramatacly.

    Any input would be helpful,

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    I would do it because MW 3 is in reality a way overpriced map/expantion pack for MW 2. Also it a god way to chack out of Children Online Daycare, as some people call it. (COD getit?).

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    Do it and then buy MW3 when it's not a DLC for 60 bucks anymore... oh wait, Activision doesn't lower their prices. Revelations is more worth it.

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    If youre even thinking about it then honestly go ahead and trade it for Revelations. Unless of course you prefer to listen to the singing, screaming 10 year olds, put up with the horribly noticeable advantage between 3 and 4 green bars, ignore the aging game engine and as was put so nicely, play the expansion pack to MW2 lol I have been debating trading MW3 in myself, even if I will only get store credit -_-

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    Lol, do it. I don't see why people are only now realising how crap COD is. *shrugs*

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    If that deal is still up, and you haven't done it yet, trade it in for Revelations now! It will be worth much more than MW3 later on and Revelations will keep you more occupied than MW3 will. That's a really good deal in my opinion.

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