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Thread: Out of Complete Curiosity.

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    Default Out of Complete Curiosity.

    Who thought I was a girl prior to me pointing it out in my thread >_>

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    Not me...Maybe some people think you're a girl by your avatar? Even though that Espada looks like a guy to me...

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    Rhara could be mistaken for a middle eastern girls name IDK? but I dont think your a girl.

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    I assume everyone to be a guy, or a TG. I'm usually surprised when I find out someone is actually a biological girl.

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    I never thought you were a girl. I mean, Ulquorra is a guy and your name doesn't really sound much like a girl's name either.

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    I'm with Mandi - people here are guys until proven otherwise.

    Besides, I can read profile information


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    Then why the hell was I being called a "She" in my thread >_<'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rahara View Post
    Then why the hell was I being called a "She" in my thread >_<'
    Why is it such a big deal? So someone, or maybe a couple people got mixed up. You'll live, I'll live, we will all go on with our lives. Geez.

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    I just went through that thread again...None of those "she's" that weren't directed at your mom, were directed at you...There was another little convo going on with a she...So maybe this thread should just be locked or killed, since the "crime" is over...It's really not that big of a deal like Mandi said...

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