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Thread: Nordicmist Introduction/Finally accepting myself as i am

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    Cool Nordicmist Introduction/Finally accepting myself as i am

    As this is my first time writing in this community i would like to briefly introduce myself

    I am going through a career change phase in my life, it has been tough to balance full time work with my study schedule but i'm actually managing it somehow.

    I play Classical Guitar and Electric guitar and i have always been into a wide spectrum of musical styles, from electronic music to Tango and Renaissance music. I love to go camping, mountain biking, kayaking. My life has been always very active and it has helped with balancing my emotional - physical body.

    I have always been a secretive - non talkative type of person and i have kept my entire diaper world to myself, i can trace my DL desires as far as when i was 9 years old (20 years+). The only person who knows about my Desires is my Girlfriend who has been with me for a long while now, as she barely tolerates it, the whole scenario has been a difficult thing for me to handle for as long as i can remember.

    I have come to ADISC because i feel i have finally accepted this side of my personality, i want to avoid going through another Binge and purge cycle ever again, in the past this has been a situation that created a lot of anxiety and remorse. Now i am rising up and i said to myself that i will always be like this and i want to be happy with who i am (in all areas of life).

    I would like to fully experience my self and share experiences with people with similar interests and get to know other people in the forums well.

    I am very happy to have joined this amazing community and i hope to remain active for now on.

    Hope this serves as a humble introduction, any suggestions or feedback are welcome to help me fully integrate to the ADISC community and become an active contributing member

    Thank you



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    Hey thats awesome! =^-^=

    I only just became active here a month or so ago but I think I'm in a position to say welcome

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    Hi NordicMist,

    Welcome to ADISC!
    You got into this at 9 years old?
    I was 11!

    Great to connect with another DL in FL.

    - Will

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    I see more Diaper lovers from Florida it seems like maybe its the heat oh well welcome!

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    Welcome to Adisc! I really hope things get better with you and your girlfriend. This could be such a bonding experience for you guys.

    Anyway,hope you have fun here! If you have any questions just let any one of us know

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    Welcome! It's good you're almost there in accepting yourself, it's not a fun thing to go through for a long time, I'm not even there yet!

    I'm from Florida as well, and it's only been a few years since moving, so I can honestly say I miss it quite a bit! I visit as often as I can though.

    How long have you been playing guitar for, and what's your style so far? I've been playing drums for 3.5 years and it's been fun, but I know almost nothing about music theory and what not, which I hope to get into here soon!

    Once again, welcome! This site consists of purely supportive members who are here for you if you ever feel down about yourself.

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    Hey there, I'm pretty new here myself but I'll also say welcome!

    I understand what it can be like to be with somebody who doesn't like this stuff because I am in this situation myself. I hope things get better for you anyway.

    I'm into music myself as well but once I discovered that I was not going to be the most talented of guitarists I decided to turn my hand to mixing.

    Anyways I hope you have a good time here, cheers!

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    Hey micahfolf, I appreciate your welcoming words, I have only a few days in the community and I can feel the nice stmosphere of support forevery new person that comes this path of reconcilliation with their feelings and emotions, i hope to be there if you feel the need for support in any way
    Best regards

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    Hi wwetbed, thank you for the warm reception to the site, I am so happy to meet someone from Fl that shares this interests to answer your question I can tell you that It all began with a package of sanitary pads and from there it evolved into adult diapers over time.

    Quote Originally Posted by wwetbed View Post
    Hi NordicMist,
    Welcome to ADISC!
    You got into this at 9 years old?
    I was 11! :
    Great to connect with another DL in FL.

    - Will

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