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Thread: Just had first public leak

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    Default Just had first public leak

    So, I wear Goodnites at night, and occasionally during the day. I was at chem lab, and couldn't easily leave to go to the restroom. When I finished with the assignment, I still had to pee, but figured I could hold it a bit, and started walking to the computer lab to use the restroom there.

    When I was outside, I still really had to go, so it started. I guess I was peeing too much, cause a wet spot formed down my right leg. It's pretty big! It's raining outside, so I couldn't pull my raincoat off and around my waist without getting soaked by the rain.

    I just had to walk through campus with wet jeans! Ahhh!

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    Ahh how embarassing, did anyone see?

    Did you pee on purpose?

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    @Alvin, I kinda peed on purpose. I let out just a trickle, but then couldn't stop... That's become more of a problem lately, which, along with my enjoyment of wearing them, is why I wore one to the long lab today.

    The school I go to has a gated section, and cops are checking ID's when you enter the gates right now. So, I think they noticed, because they shined a flashlight on my ID then further down. It wasn't packed (it's late and raining) so I don't think any students noticed.

    Right now, the pants are slowly drying under a desk in the comp lab. So, hopefully I'll be good.

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    In the computer lab? dude your wondering round school with no pants on?!!!!

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    I'm wearing pants and my legs are under the ledge of the desk.

    No pants would be freaky. I wonder if I could argue that I shouldn't get arrested for wearing no pants b/c of academic freedom? Oh wait, I'm a student, not a prof. Oh well!

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    And I guess the lesson learned here is don't trust adult sized 'accidents' to a product made for children.

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    Quote Originally Posted by happydl View Post
    And I guess the lesson learned here is don't trust adult sized 'accidents' to a product made for children.
    So true.

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    Anybody who's ever worn goodnites knows they leak lol why you would where it to class is beyond my understanding

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    wore goodnites b/c i like the fit, and they're what I had...

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