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Thread: Did youtube change the design of it's front page or is it just me?

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    Default Did youtube change the design of it's front page or is it just me?

    Okay So I went to youtube and on the front page it looks like they changed the design of it. To be honest it looks awful. Anyone else seeing a new design of the front page?

    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

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    Looks the same to me, what's changed?

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    I think the layout is still the same. Now looking at it again. It seems they just changed the background color from white to Gray. The video page is still white though.

    I'm pretty sure the front page used to be white? Am I correct? Or has it always been gray.

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    The background color is white on my machine. Doesn't look too different to me.

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    Do you maybe have a Google+ account? All of Google's tools have a new layout for me.

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    Youtube changed their whole look, even their address bar logo. Personally, I think it looks awful, you're the first person I've seen that agrees!

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    If there gonna change something I wish they would change it to something nice. The gray is so dull and sad looking. It looks like an ammature was just playing around.

    I'm not gonna waste my time arguing about it. Because I don't care that much about it. But I sure wish they would change it back.

    It looks so depressing. lol

    But I'm just dreaming as youtube never listens to the users. They say they do but they really don't.

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