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    I was on the train back home, near my destination. I was getting ready to leave, when a girl caught my eye. And no, I don’t mean an attractive girl at about my age.. the girl I’m talking about was, I’m guessing, about 18 months old, positioned in a stroller near the door that was about to open. For some reason, she looked at me, and I looked back…

    I could describe her look as somewhat mysterious. But somehow I felt a sense of communication. The vibe I could feel… she was obviously still trying to get used to the world as it is, and in her innocent look I could see that she found it all amazing, that she was pretty amazed to be here… there was no wall of indifference you tend to see in most adults, she just looked into the world, and looked at me for several seconds, with an open vision. It was beautiful…

    She turned back her head, automatically readjusting her pacifier in the process, and probably eager to find out where the next adventure could lead to. I wish I could have told her to enjoy her time being little and make the most of it, and that the same would apply for the rest of her life, but perhaps… this may sound weird, but perhaps she could have read me in the same way. She may have known what I was implying, she may have read my thoughts on my face.

    Not that it would make any difference, though. This girl, once she’s all grown up, will have no memory whatsoever of meeting this random stranger on the train when she was little, just like I do not remember any trivial event from back then. And this girl will probably never be the way I am; it’s important to realize that I was not communicating with another infantilist, but rather, if I even communicated, it was with an actual infant (or toddler, depending on where you want to draw the line).

    Nevertheless, I was pretty happy when I left the train. I didn’t even feel envious one moment, just.. somewhat blissful. It felt as though the joyous youthfulness somehow radiated through my skin and into my veins. I didn’t actually regress, but still, it was nice.

    Anyways, this is what I wanted to share. ^^ Anybody else had an experience like this?

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    That's really interesting. I do have to say I've had like situations. For some reason most little kids (not all) really enjoy me. Whether they are a few months old or 4 years. They all seem to "get" me. My boyfriend and I have some a new couple as friends. They have a 3, almost 4 year old, and the first time I ever met her Kayden came bursting out the door and said, "Where's Amy? Where's Amy? Where's the kids?" I felt kinda special or proud, because it felt like she could already tell what I was. On top of that her mom does know I am an AB. She kinda got it out of me haha she was really cool about it herself :P

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    I've had many similar experiences before, and like monkeegurl_90, I've also noticed that small children seem to "get me". I'm usually the one at family get-together events whom plays with the kids and keeps them entertained. \

    I know infantilism is a separate facet of my life, but I still can't help feeling nervous when children stare at's as if they somehow "know" I enjoy pretending to be their age. It feels awkward.

    Then again, it's my perception of what "could be". Who knows? Maybe they just find my hair particularly fascinating??

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    That was a wonderful story, and beautifully told.
    I'm not sure I've ever had quite that depth of experience with an unfamiliar infant. Possibly due to lack of mental clarity on my part. Usually I'm too busy waving, cooing or making faces when I catch a baby peeking at me to be nearly so receptive as you.
    Still, I really enjoyed your post. Thanks for sharing.

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