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Thread: Happy 21st to me

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    Default Happy 21st to me

    I've never been able to get drunk. I hate the taste of alcohol. I've tried several beers, vodka, rum, spiced rum, jack daniels, plum wine, sake, and a few girly drinks. So far the only things I can tolerate are the last three. However, my metabolism is so high I've never actually been able to get myself actually drunk, also because between all of us we run out of wine too fast. I made a plan that when I turn 21, I will get drunk, just for the experience.

    And I turned 21 yesterday. As per my plans, I bought four bottles of different sake and got a few friends to come up with ideas. We eventually settled into playing Smash Bros Brawl, and if somebody gets 3 KOs in one match they take a shot (we were used to 3 players, where you can get up to 6 KOs in a three-stock match, so we were caught off-guard by the number of 3-3-3-2 counts we saw.) Dan didn't follow the rules because he didn't want to get too drunk. I didn't follow the rules because I wanted to take a shot every match regardless.

    Joe went home early. I didn't notice for about 20 minutes, but I was upset about that when I did. I consider him my best friend here, but he's unreliable. I ran to his place and pounded on the door. Dan convinced him to come back by saying "come on Joe, can you really say no to that face?" At the moment I was lightly crying because he was seriously going to leave me be, despite me having told him how important it was.

    Anyways, we went back to Dan's place and played Texas Hold-em, where just about every round I took a shot. I noticed that I had lost my balance, and had to brace against the wall even while sitting. At some point I tried to be mentally aware of things, but, simply put, failed horribly. It was a funny concept. Also at one time I felt the need to throw up, so I held onto the trashcan just in case. Everyone was watching me expectantly, but the feeling passed and I just spit. Oliver said, "that was it?" and we all laughed.

    Eventually I did start throwing up though, and I knew the night was a success. Charlie and Oliver walked me back to my place, me telling them in traditional drunk fashion that they are really awesome guys. I used the bucket by my bed once. Now I'm sitting here after 7 hours of sleep, feeling only mildly crappy, and I believe I can thank my metabolism for that. My first thought was "so this is what a hangover is. Everybody's a wuss."

    So that's my first time getting totally drunk. It could have been worse, but I don't think I'm doing that again.

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    Happy 21st!

    Ah, the joy of being able to drink legally. Soak it up, that feeling doesn't last long! After which it becomes highly overrated!


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    Happy Birthday, Grif!!

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    Happy 21st!

    Sounds like you had a fun night. Have your friends shown you the funny and embarrassing pictures yet that someone surely has taken during the whole night?

    Got any other presents for your birthday, or just booze and a headache? Maybe some you don't piss yourself while passed out?


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