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Thread: DL from the UK

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    Default DL from the UK

    I'm a 22 year old DL/AB (but mainly DL) living in Sheffield, UK.

    I got obsessed with nappies while exploring porn on KaZaA in my early teens - I wanted to try it as soon as I saw it. It didn't disappoint. I gave up with it, I guess sometime between being 16 and 17 as I just didn't want to involve my parents in it any longer. Met an awesome girl around that time, and around 18 months in to our relationship I told her, and since then she regularly puts me in a nappy - and sometimes I even get to put her in one. I'm quite lucky, I think.

    So yeah, just interested in conversing with like-minded people. How many Brits have we got on here? Anybody else from Yorkshire/East Midlands?

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    Sorry - not mentioned anything about myself. I'm a Computing Student at one of the city's universities, I love Dominos Pizza (a little too much), I'm an on/off Pescatarian.

    I love cats, bunny rabbits, dogs... yeah most pets.

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    Hi, Overnight.

    Welcome to ADISC. Glad you could join us.

    Fellow Brit and Yorkshire-man here. I know of a handful of other members in your area. Sheffield is becoming a hub of ABDL activity lately, must be something in the water there. I'll leave it to them to make themselves known.

    Have fun on the boards & don't forget to drop by IRC sometime.

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    Heya! ^^ Welcome to ADISC. Help yourself to hugs and cookies. :3

    I'm not from such a close area, but I am from Britain. (Glasgow in Scotland if you'd like to know) It's very nice to have you, and I'm sure you'll find plenty of like-mindeds to talk to.

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    Cheers guys! Enjoying it so far.

    Visited Glasgow briefly last year expecting it to be a hole... it was actually one of the nicest cities I've ever stopped by! And they have Irn-Bru on taps at McDonalds!! What's not to like?

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    Welcome to ADISC!

    I wouldn't say Dominos pizza represents good Italian-American cuisine. LOL

    If you are ever in New York City, I highly recommend any restaurant (or pizzeria) in "Little Italy"

    ~ Will

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    Hello there mate and welcome!

    Good to see someone else from the UK on here. I'm from Liverpool myself, I also love pizza but I'm more of a Papa Johns guy than Dominos... I'm also a big fan of pets and I love cats especially, oh and I'm also a student! I hope you have a good time here and if you ever want to have a chat or whatever then feel free to give me a shout, have a good weekend mate!

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    Welcome! I'm from Nottingham. So yeah also a brit and I'm also a student. I study Decorative Arts. What nappies do you like to wear? It's baby nappies all the way for me.

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    Thanks so much for the welcomes guys. I have been to the states once and my state-side comrades were keen to show me propper pizza, I was impressed! Papa Johns is better but alas not available anywhere within reasonable distance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fitnessfreak View Post
    Welcome! I'm from Nottingham. So yeah also a brit and I'm also a student. I study Decorative Arts. What nappies do you like to wear? It's baby nappies all the way for me.
    I was brought up in Nottingham, only left a few years ago for Uni.

    I'm a big Tena fan but I think I'm gonna have to get some Pampers and other baby nappies in soon. Any recommendations?

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    Huggies were my favourite brand for my Son (when he was a baby :p ) they just seemed to fit better than pampers, and they usually have good offers on. I used to swear by pampers baby wipes though, only occasionally used Johnsons, but pampers sensitive were the best.

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    Baby nappies suck for adults, get abena! :P. Also, what is it with all the AB's from notts/ sheffield lately? oh and Hi :X

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