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    Hello, I really want to make a new friends who is willing to listen to all my stories from my past, and my plans for the future. I do enjoy just wearing diapers and If anyone wants to have a chat feel free to contact me. I LOVE anime and Japanese Culture, that and Halloween pretty much describes me. Ive held 3 jobs this year two different times, right now i only work two. I keep myself occupied but you just may see me hanging around here for a little bit. Anyway its nice to meet the people already here.
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    Hello, and welcome to ADISC Finnforlife! If you haven't had a chance to yet, got a bit of reading material to pass some time (don't worry, not because you've done anything wrong, just good stuff to know =P):

    With that reading suggestions out of the way, time to get into the interrogation er..I mean the friend questions. >.> Not really big on anime, but know there are quite a few people on the forums here who are. With that said, what is some of your favorite anime? Is there a specific style or subject matter you prefer? What do you like about Japanese Culture? If it isn't too personal

    Oh, before I forget, with the stories and plans, don't be afraid to share them here, especially any you think may be helpful to others (while staying within the rules). Even if it isn't something you think makes a great post, there is always the blogs which allow you to share personal details, stories, and so forth as well. The blogs also do have privacy controls you can use if you only want a specific group to view the blog.

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