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Thread: Finally going to try League of Legends

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    Default Finally going to try League of Legends

    So for a very, very, VERY long time i have heard a lot of stuff about this game and i am finally going to give it a shot. I want to know what everyone thinks on this game. Does anyone have any advice? Typically I play more of the WoW style games. Let the download begin....

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    Point's guide to MOBAs

    What to expect:
    * A very confusing first one hundred games of it (don't worry, if you are up to snuff to play a MOBA then you will enjoy it through the confusion).
    * A very horrible group of people you're playing with (people make low-level accounts to 'stomp' new players [called smurfs] and you will no doubt run into them).
    * Worst communities ever, seriously, just go to the League forums and half of the threads are just people complaining about game mechanics.

    What not to expect:
    * To be good at all even after 300 games (remember, still fun)
    * To have more than 50% of your games be wins
    * To (in League's case) own even 50% of the champions after said 300 games

    League is a nice stepping-off point because of how easy it is compared to any of its competitors. My advice for you would be to pick three or four champions you really like playing, and play them a lot. Give everyone a try when they're free (they have 10 free champions a week for everyone to take a shot at) so you can know your enemy.

    If you wanna you can join the clan that they have going here to get started on the right foot, with not-a-team-of-four-assholes for a while. It's hard work getting good but it's worth the payoff if you like the most engaging genre of games ever.

    I've been playing DotA for 5 or 6 years now and League since it came out (beta Rammus ooh yeah) so I know a lot about the games. If you find you don't hate it then send me a PM and I'll make a nub account to help get you situated

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    I play a lot and im max level here's some tips
    1. Find a champ you like and try to be good with them usually 2 if someone takes your first pick
    2. If you team starts swearing or getting mad just ignore them and report after game
    3. Have fun

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    You can play games in the AOS genre for years and still barely scratch the surface of the technical skill level. From what I hear LOL has less technical things than some of the alternatives.

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    If you do try out LoL can you tell me your 'summoners name' ? so I can add you?

    Im lvl 30. and a smurf account so we could play at lvl 1 and stuff

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    My summoner name is Souljourn for any who wish to add me. So far i have been playing Tristana. I like it a lot but i dont seem too good until i get some decent items for atk spd and crit. then i took out a turret in just a few seconds. XD wish help of minions ofc. any tips for her?

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    Quote Originally Posted by secret87 View Post
    So far i have been playing Tristana. I like it a lot but i dont seem too good until i get some decent items for atk spd and crit. then i took out a turret in just a few seconds. XD wish help of minions ofc. any tips for her?
    Tristana is one of the weaker carries right now but I still like playing her.

    If you're having trouble with farming on her early on you could consider buying a wriggle's lantern. It has a passive thing that insta-kills creeps, which would go well with your explosion thing.

    Basically you need to farm up a whole lot and know when to jump in with your rocket jump and ultimate combo, and when to just sit back and shoot them with your basic attacks.

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    A carry (like Tristana) is someone who is weaker early on but gets crazy strong by the end and gets some items. They are called carries because they "carry" the people who are strong early on but get weaker as the game goes on.

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    I thought LOL looked stupid when my friend first showed it to me, but it only took a couple of games to get me really hooked to it. Its like the craziest most in depth tower defense game Ive ever played and I think if your gonna start you should go with yi, trynd, or maybe cait. All of them are great to start off with

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    oh btw anyone that wants to add me, username is rudolph the jew and let me know we both are members on adisc

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