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    I've been a tb/ab since I was 5 and I've always had these urges to just let my “lil” side out and it seems when I have these urges they last for weeks and get worse and become all I can think of. It even caused my girlfriend and I to break up because she kudnt handle me wanting to release myself once a month and I feel terrible. Any suggestions?

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    Perhaps try more small periodic releases rather than let it build up over time to the point where you are having one big binge. Lots of people experience this when they stop for long periods of time, it's called a binge/purge cycle and they are really common in fact we have an article about it the articles section which you should read as it may contain the advice you are looking.

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    I believe this is the article that pajamakitten was reffering too ^.

    I agree with pajamakitten, you should try and do these things in moderation. Also, could you clarify what you meant by "once a month"? Does that mean that you satisfied your urges for one month straight? Or, do you mean that you satisfied them for one single day out of the entire month? Just trying to get a better feel of the situation in order to offer some advice.


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    Hey thanks for the article reference you two I had no idea it was their. =) and ron by once a month I meant wed have like a little session one day to ourselves or by myself where we wud roleplay for an hour with her being the babysitter, nothing sexual, and she wud always set her limitations. I tried to be as accomodating as possible.

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