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Thread: The differenace between the Small and medium sizes of Dry 24/7

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    Default The differenace between the Small and medium sizes of Dry 24/7

    So i'm right on the small side of most mediums. Abena medium sizes are pretty (rediculously) big on me, and i think that's why they leak with me so much... However, the small size of Abena just barely fit me... It was way too tight and way too low on the waist.

    A while back i gave the dry 24/7s a try, and ordered a sample pack from xp medical (which only sells the medium and large sizes.) I learned a bit late the the sizing the dry24/7 is a bit different... And it was absolutely ridiculous. The top tapes were overlapped... It was constantly sinking (i had to keep dragging it back up) and the tapes kept coming undone. I liked the tickness but it was an overall bad experiance. x_X

    However, i'd just found out the a small size does exist, and ordered sample pack form the company that actually makes them. They sent one small and one medium for $10 including shipping (ripoff.)

    The first thing i noticed was that it actually fits me, PERFECTLY. I just put it on, haven't used it yet.

    The odd thing is that there's some siginificant differances between the small and medium sizes. (other than the fact that the small ones are... Blue? :3 )

    The tapes on the small are actually much bigger than the ones on the medium. O.o There's also a gigantic elastic waistband in the front to go with the normal sized on in the back... And it makes a BIG difference...

    Any idea why these changes might not be included in the medium size? Why on earth would they use smaller tapes for medium, and change the design to not include the front waistband?

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    There were some changes made to the medium and large Dry 24/7 diapers in the past year. The current diapers sized small, (which I think used to be their medium, not quite sure) don't have any of the new changes made to them. The changes made to medium and large seem to include a different kind of plastic, removal of the "aquisition layer", different tapes, and removal of the elastic on the front waistband. I definitely like the smalls for the fit and the "old way" they were made, except for the fact that they're blue. I generally prefer white diapers.

    I actually e-mailed Gary from XPMedical asking if they would be selling the small size. He replied that the smalls are basically an entirely different product, and they would sell them only if Dry 24/7 would make them the same way the current mediums and larges are made. however I order the smalls by the case directly from Dry 24/7 and they are $99 for a pack of 72, which isn't too bad considering they're notoriously expensive diapers.

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    Eeep. Why would they WANT them to be like the mediums? x_x

    The front elastic band and massive tapes are awesome. Blue is probably the one color other than white i would be okay with, so that works out.

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    foxykitty is correct, the blue ones used to be medium sized. if you find a pack from up to a couple of months ago and bought small you would get a medium pack of blue ones. not sure how it worked from there. the mediums are newer and were made later and cheaper to save money maybe? if you ask most people they say they would prefer the white though.

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    The white color's prefered. But between the two actual diapers the smalls are awesome by comparison. Best I've worn so far for my build.

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