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Thread: Spontaneous withdrawl?

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    Default Spontaneous withdrawl?

    Up until last friday, I hadnt worn a diaper in like a month. I hadnt really had a desire to, but when I woke up on friday, I had an intense need for one... It came out of nowhere! All of the sudden I was going through a withdraw... I felt extremely stressed out, I couldnt focus, I was extremely irratable, and all day long all I could think about was getting done school for the day so I could run to the pharmacy to get some... Has anyone else ever had this spontaneous diaper withdraw?

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    For most people the feeling to wear tends to come and go regularly, albeit probably not so intensely. It seems people will get the urge to wear and buy stuff or "splurge", then eventually feel guilty and toss all their stuff in the trash or "purge", and of course the bigger the splurge the bigger the purge.
    There is an article here about it somewhere I think = which I will post when I find it. If I find it.

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    That sounds pretty bad :|

    I don't get that way about anything. Like, I can be all, "I want a cheeseburger", and in the back of my mind, I'll be like, "Man, that cheeseburger. Hmm mmm I'll be getting that later", but never so far as that cheeseburger gonna get me all stressed.

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    I don't think I have felt like I needed it that badly. for example I really want some now and haven't had any for (i think) a few months now but don't have any money to order any and I find that it can be hard to keep off my mind but it doesn't get in the way of anything i'm doing.

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    Mine came back when I got my period again for the first time since March 2010. Then all of a sudden I wanted to wear them all the time so here I am wearing 24/7.

    After I had my baby last December, I had no desire to wear until he was eight months.

    My fetish comes and goes.

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    Because you desire came back in such a immense way, that is why many people on this this site say to keep a small stash on hand to be able to satisfy such an intense onset of a desire to be in a diaper. I have 2 plastic totes in my bed room closet. Sometimes I want to wear, some times I don't. When I don't I now I am fine. But when the urge or desire strikes, I have a stash I can go to and get 1 or 2 out and put them on at will.

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    Ahhh, the good 'ol binge and purge cycle. I think just about everybody here as experienced it as some point. Here's and article about it:

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    Maybe it is a binge purge thing... I always thought purging was only if you got rid of your stuff because you felt ashamed, and I cant say I felt ashamed, I just didnt feel like wearing any... but these last 4 days have definately been a binge, there isnt any other word for it haha...

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