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Thread: Adult Diapers: What Deserves a Chance?

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    Default Adult Diapers: What Deserves a Chance?

    Before I say anything, I am NOT going to buy online. Too many risks associated with it, and too much money. Maybe one day, but not now.

    However, as much as I love baby diapers (and the fact that Pampers freakin' fits me), I want to get some adult products. I'm in Canada, so unless I'm mistaken I can choose between Depends and (perhaps) Tena. I've heard a lot of Depend-bashing, but I also know it comes in different types, from least to most-absorbent.

    So, are any of these worth my money? If not, what is?


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    If you do get Depends, get the most absorbant...Who knows, you might actually like them...They are enough to tide you over...You could also try some pharmacy brands, they are on par with Depends usually, and they are cheaper...I don't know about Tena...I'm thinking about buying a pack, but I don't know that much about them...

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    Unlike many people you'll find on this site, I am immensely happy with the quality of generic brands of diapers. Although I do have the economical resources and opportunity to purchase better, higher quality brands online, I always find myself thinking...

    ... being that this is an interest, a comfort, even a fetish, if you will, and not something that I need to do, why spend a lot of money on something I'm just going to rock out a piss in?

    I buy Rite Aid or Eckerd brands, get them a few sizes larger, and I've never had much of a problem with leaking, deterioration, loose tapes, whatever. They appear to work perfectly fine for me, and I'm spending about nine or ten dollars for fifteen as opposed to the buku cash I'd be spending online for getting the more famous brands.

    Check your local pharmacies -- you might find pharmacy brand-name to be perfectly worth your time and interest. Give them a shot. You might be surprised!

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    Hey Rance, what are Rite Aid diapers like? I've thought of buying some of those too...

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    If you want to check out cloth diapers there is a great company right there in Canada. They are called Babykins. They make great cloth diapers and plastic pants.

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    Quote Originally Posted by woof View Post
    So, are any of these worth my money? If not, what is?
    Well, considering you're limited to store brands, Depends, pull-ons, etc., the easiest option would be to get some Depends Fitted Maximum Protection...

    And use a size 6/7 or a goodnite (or both... ) for a stuffer. That'll make for a decent diaper, provided you don't flood it.

    There is also the possibility of getting Attends from a medical store near you. Check the yellow pages and give one a call. Don't be weirded out about calling about diapers... They deal with it all day long.

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    Ahem...being a Canadian...I can tell you that the Exact brand sold at Superstore is superior to Depend! Or so has been my experience anyway (and much cheaper too).

    That said...if you want good diapers at a reasonable price...try a medical supply store (there's one in the lil strip mall in to the Lawton's)....I got Tena there, much cheaper than at Lawton's! I haven't been lately, but I know they stock several brands.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    Hey Rance, what are Rite Aid diapers like? I've thought of buying some of those too...
    In all honesty, Pojo, I think they're pretty good. Then again, my word might not be as reliable as those of other diaper afficionadoes on the site, but I think they're nice and comfortable! Give them a shot -- might be worth it!

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    Well I mean like, how do they compare to like CVS diapers or Depends...And what do they look like...

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    Try the wally world diapers, Assurance, for about 40 cents a diaper there not bad as long as you stuff them, I have been wearing tham everyday for the last few months, I really like the price and the diaper.

    If you have tried the CVS plastic backed diaper there about the same, I use usually 2 mirofiber towels in them and they take a pertty good wetting all at once, if you interested let me know I tell you how to fold the towels so they work better.

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