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Thread: This might be a naive adolescent question but...

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    Default This might be a naive adolescent question but...

    I'm 16 and have never knowingly ejaculated or experienced orgasm. I've masturbated on numerous occasions but never been able to climax. However, every once in a while something thick and sticky comes out along with my urine. The same substance comes out occasionally when I wake up with the distinct feeling that I'm wetting myself, but this stuff is definitely not urine (I wake up actually wetting myself pretty frequently, and this is not the same thing). It might be semen, but it just comes out spontaneously during sleep or immediately after urination, without any connection to sexual arousal. And I'm not sure what semen looks like. So does anyone know what this stuff is, and for that matter is it normal to be unable to induce ejaculation by age 16?

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    What you described happening in your sleep is called a wet dream and it quite normal, it's the body getting rid of excess semen. I do find it odd that you can't induce ejaculation but I'm no expert.

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    Well, the stuff coming out when your sleeping is referred to as a wet dream, obviously not meaning pee wet, but anyways it is when you have built up sexual urges, or just haven't got off in awhile, and its just a little semen. It happens to all males. As far as not being able to ejaculate, you may be able to, but just haven't gotten to that point yet in your... "massaging". Try looking at certain materials online or in certain magazines, that may help.

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    About the fluid you're describing: It's a cloudy / clear / white, sticky fluid, right? If so, that is definitely semen. For sure.

    Secondly, sounds like you're having wet dreams.
    Sometimes it happens when you're dreaming about something sexual, or your body needs to force a release. Sometimes it happens for no reason at all! It's completely normal and happens to all teenage males.

    Does the semen-coming-out-after-peeing occur only in the morning? I always pee right after I wake up, and almost every time I release some semen afterwards. It's never happened to me in the late morning, afternoon, or evening. Even if it's happening to you later in the day, I'm sure it's nothing to worry about.

    On the ejaculating / climax: We all develop at different speeds. I didn't ejaculate or climax until I was sixteen, either, so you have no reason to worry.

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    As with what everyone said: The nocturnal emissions is a wet dream.

    As for not being able to climax at this age, it's not a problem. I think I had my first climax at around your age as well. The reason is, is that I simply didn't masterbate or think of it. Now that I look back at when I was first masterbating, I was doing it completely wrong Stress is a big factor. Let's face it, you're 16, you're learning about being a TB. Stuff is happening that can make person off.

    Don't worry about it, bud. Give it time.

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    Thanks, guys. Up until today when I started giving it some thought, I had been convinced that I had never produced any semen, which I thought was pretty strange. Definitely a relief to know that that isn't the case.

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    Your body wants sex. I haven't any issue like this from my hmmm, 16 ? Just only at 2006, when I was for some reasons more than one year without some girl, so it hapaned one time. I was very surprised, thinking I need, or I'm returnig to 14, 15 ?

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