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Thread: Breaking/Losing Things?

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    Default Breaking/Losing Things?

    Are there things that you tend to break/lose more than other things? For it's umbrellas, headphones, socks, those are what I can think of at the moment...For umbrellas, I tend to break them a lot...So don't trust me with your umbrella for an extended period of time (for a short while, it's usually fine)...For headphones, they break a lot too...I think because I sleep with them, and they get coiled around me, so the cables get stretched over a period of time...For socks, I lose them...Probably because I accumulate piles of them on the floor in the basement...

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    For me, I would have to say it would be pencils and important papers.

    If I borrow a pencil, and you don't get it back in a month, it is goooooooone with the wind D:

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    Usually I misplace pens since I do some work in the basement, some upstairs, and some over at the plant office. Though I recently lost a good pair of sunglasses and have no idea where they went. Checked all the cars, upstairs and downstairs at home, clothing pockets, even the office cube.


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    Hmmm things I tend to lose...pens and pencils OFTEN... I'll start out with 10 at work and by the end of the week I'll be scrounging to find just one. Virginity...though that was just this one time. I'll often misplace a tool when I'm working on something, then find it a couple days later.. weirdest place I ever misplaced a screwdriver was beside the bathroom sink :/

    I don't really break alot of things besides headphones (the damn things always snap...) which is why I use earbuds now (much harder to break, I still have the ipod earbuds from my old ipod 1st gen mini...though the right side is quieter than the left now..)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    I hate the iPod headphones...They don't fit in my ears >__>
    Yeah, a lot of people say that. For me, the old style ipod earbuds (not the new ones) fit fantasticly well. I guess it just depends on your ear shape :P

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    I lose a lot of money in my car. If I have a few $1 bills or a $5, I'll tuck them around in the car "incase I need it". When I cleaned out my car - as in pulled out the carpeting - I found $30 in it.

    The cell phone. I never really lose it, but it is rarely with me. I'll leave it in my car, parents' cars, house, room ... I forget I have it.

    Im actually very careful with pens. I have carpal tunnel and I tend to use bigger pens - like the DR Grip pens. Thing is, they are expensive so I tend to avoid loosing them.

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    I am always breaking shoe-strings and boot-laces,quickly followed by losing my patience as I try to tie the laces back together until I can get another pair.

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    For me it's tools, whenever I'm working on something, on one of my cars, I loose the tools I'm working with, I Have to stand up walk over to my box, and grab another one, on the bright side is the tool is not lost, just misplaced and I find it when cleaning up.

    But thats been going on for years, that is why I have 2 or 3 of everything.

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    Mommy tells me I'm a natural disaster area.
    I've lost more pens than I dare mention and am always buying more.
    I can totally destroy things without meaning to - leant on a cupboard door once to help myself up off the ground and it came off its hindges! Same thing tends to happen with sliding doors - I've become very good at putting them back on before they come crashing down on me.
    I've left my handbag behind in so many places that its getting to beyond a joke! :p
    My mobile of course goes missing in it quite a lot. I've learned a pattern now that no matter where I am I pat one pocket of my jacket and then the other before I leave so that I know I've got my mobile and my car keys!
    Like I said I'm a natural disaster area so mommy says

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