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Thread: Overcoming stronge urge to become incontinent...

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    Default Overcoming stronge urge to become incontinent...

    I have really unhealthy urges about damaging my body and becoming totally incontinent and its getting to be an obsession. I spending more and more time reading medical journals and google books on ways to achieve this. Could somebody point out the downsides to incontinence as this tends to make me thick rationally for awhile and come to my senses. Thanks

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    If you're urges to injure yourself are becoming that strong I would suggest seeking professional help.

    You are considering doing permanant damage to your body over thoughts and obsession that are most likely temporary.

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    When I am in that mood the thought's are intrusive and strong but controllable until recently, I thick I'm going to do something really impulsive and regret doing it long term. I'm starting to hate these thoughts but at the same time would love to become incontinent. Its a love hate relationship with terrible consequences if I go through with it.

    I thick it would be unwise of me to see a doctor about this because it would remain for anybody to read in my medical notes.

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    I can never understand why anyone would wish to acquire any kind of disability, illness, or condition. It just seems psychologically wrong!

    By all means, play along with pretending to be incontinent, act as if you can't control it, i.e. just let go whenever you get the "urge" to, but don't try and make yourself incontinent.

    Any means of achieving this is sure to have a risk, particuarly physical means (not as if I'd regard hypnosis as particuarly safe though!) and I wouldn't regard it as wise to embark on such an endeavour!

    Finally, consider the inconvenience. If you were to be er, "sucessful" I guess, in achieving this, you would lose all control of those bodily functions. You would always need to be either diapered, or catheterised, and have appropriate supplies with you. It may be something that you would eventually have to disclose to friends or family, depending on the situation, and you'd may have to declare it on a health form for some jobs.

    If any of the items you use to control it fail, you could be left in a rather embarassing situation which others would be sure to remember for much time. Additionally, both diapers and catheters carry risks... rash, skin irritation, infection, allergic reaction, etc... diapers not so much, but they're still there.

    And ultimately... I doubt you'd enjoy it. A fantasy is one thing, a reality is quite another. I have some sexual fantasies (which are not relevant to go into here) which I'd very much enjoy; however, being forced to do them would be quite different!

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    you might also try locking plastic pants. they give the sense of helplessness that most people who want to be incontinent desire.
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