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Thread: That was weird O.o

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    Default That was weird O.o

    I woke up 3 times in the middle of the night having to pee and when i tried to use my diaper I ended up falling back asleep right before i did, has this happened to anyone else?

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    When I sleep in diapers it tends to be hit or miss. Sometimes I get an amazing nights sleep when I am in a really comfortable and secure place. (my old dorm room after my roommate moved out)

    Other times I get a night where I wake up a lot in the middle, sometimes I wet my diaper and fall back asleep. Changing into a fresh one in the morning after a shower is the best part, especially if you don't need to worry about leaving the diaper all set up on your bed.

    I really can't wait to have the house to myself again so I can go to sleep in a soaked diaper and feel amazingly secure and little.

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    No weirder than waking up to use the toilet and falling back to sleep without actually doing so- which is probably a commoner experience diapered or not.

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