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Thread: what AB stuff would you want for christmas???

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    Default what AB stuff would you want for christmas???

    hi babies, what AB items would you wish for for christmas? or what AB stuff are you getting for christmas?
    My wife if buying me some fabine exculsive nappies and a new onesie.

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    My gf wants to get me a pair of feety pajamas or a onesie (maybe). I really want those things! other than that I don't really know what Ab items I want for christmas. Maybe another Nuk5 and some colorring books. Oh, and toys too!

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    Footie pajama O.o

    I was considering getting myself a new one, but it's a bit hard to justify when I got myself one earlier this year.

    Not quite AB related (but babyfur related) but I am getting a new collar for Christmas and I am quite looking forward to that ^^

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    i want a case of diapers.. and i want a sewing machine so i can make my own clothes.. and i want some more but really on the AB side of things i would like a bunch of hot wheels and some hot wheels track

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    A super expensive all in one company feetie pajamas with all extras and dino theme. Of course would also take some decent nappies, plastics, onsie, etc. Some plushies would be nice too... heh so greedy.

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    Dear Santa,

    I've been a very good ABDL this year. For Christmas I would like three all-in-one company footed PJs (with attached mittens), cloth diapers, some customised NUK5 pacifiers, a crib, a road-floor-mat, loads o' lego and a giant Simba plushy. Carrots and mince pies left as requested.

    In reality I'll probably be able to get one sleeper, the plushy and the pacis.

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    I'm already getting the best gift of all. 19 days of vacation visiting family and friends and going to several play dates and parties. Best of all I get to spend it all with my Daddy.

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    I want some footie pajamas and a teddy bear. I don't have a little buddy to sleep with at night, and it gets lonely.

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