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    Alright, so I have a question, mostly for people who have random sleep schedules, or have issues with sleeping. I've been having issues with keeping a sleeping at night/awake during the day schedule. Currently I go to bed at noon everyday. I heard it was fairly unhealthy to do so, so I thought I'd ask. What are the best ways to get back on a better sleeping schedule?

    Oh, and if this is in the wrong place, sorry, I haven't been here for a while ^^;

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    I do have, though probably for different reasons to you; not sure if this is the wrong place or not - I'll leave it to the mods to decide that.

    Have you seen your doctor? Even if there is not a specific medical reason they may be able to help.

    Aside from that, I'd suggest avoiding caffeine for a day, see if you can sleep earlier in the evening, and so awaken at a more "normal" time; so try decaff coffee, caffeine free coke, and avoid energy drinks (if you drink any of these).

    Alternatively, try staying awake for a few more hours each day, sort of move it round - awakening say a couple of hours later each day and sleeping a couple of hours later each day too. Eventually, you should get back to a more nocturnal sleeping pattern.

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