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Thread: Hi *peaks around corner*

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    Default Hi *peaks around corner*

    I signed up because... well.. I sorta kinda.. really.. had to.. because it wasn't gonna let me see anymore without it.
    I was just looking in general.. errm... because.... it's nice to find people like me. *giggle*

    Alright, so I am really new to actually pursuing this all in general. The ABDL type thing... and sometimes my interest still unnerves me a bit. So, a lot of research and things and getting myself over my initial grown up/fussy thoughts of 'what kind of strange person are you to like this??' type of harsh internal judgmental reaction..

    Right now I'm trying to look for cute onesie's or bodysuits or even just white ones and I'm sorta kinda supposed to be in bed but shhhhh Daddy wont find me. *giggles and runs away*
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    It's nice here.

    Try posting on the Ab forum for the onesie.

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