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Thread: NUK 3 Pacifier

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    Default NUK 3 Pacifier

    I am happy I finially can feel more like a toddler, I got my nuk 3 pacifier today, soooo relaxing----does verybody like the nuk 3? Those who have them? Im hopin someday to try the NUK 5

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    the nuk 3 hurts my teeth and hard to keep in IMO the nuk 5 is worth the money

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    yes,,, the nuk 5 is worth it i have two of them i fall asleep with mine.. and wake up and there it is still amazes me every time..

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    I have a nuk 3 I love but would also love to get a nuk 5, one of these days.

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    as soon as i have an income, it is my plan to buy a nuk 5, I have a nuk 3 as well, but i feel like i cant use it too much or it messes with my teeth. I love having it though.

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    I use both. I have a few Nuk3 pacifiers, as well as a Nuk5. I don't like the guard on the Nuk5, so the nipple will likely end up on a new pacifier that I just ordered. I like the Nuk3's because they are readily available at most drugstores, they are cheaper, and they come in cute colors as opposed to the regular Nuk5.


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    I find the nuk 3 very hard to suckle, as others have said, it hurts my teeth. I prefer my Nuk 5, worth the money and really not that expensive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Foxkit1992 View Post
    Hey, where could I find a nuk 3 or nuk5
    The Nuk3 can be found at most drugstores, the Nuk5 can only be bought online or in Germany as far as I know.

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    same here with the nuk 3 and the sore teeth . Very good if you cant get a nuk 5 but a nuk 5 is worth it

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