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Thread: Should I tell my girlfriend: I know you all see this all the time but I need advice

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    Default Should I tell my girlfriend: I know you all see this all the time but I need advice

    Should I tell my girlfriend about how i like to wear diapers and want her to wear with me?

    My Girlfriend and I have been dating for 4 months. Shes 18 and I am 22. I am the vice President of our Fraternity, and live in a 3 bedroom house with 2 other roommates who are my fraternity brothers. She spends the night every night and we have sex pretty much every night ( Not bragging or anything). I havent really worn since the summer but I would love to wear with her. Shes a kinky person and is pretty much in love with me. Shes always up for trying new stuff and so am i. Do you think I should tell her everything and If so how should I do it?

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    I think you should ask Kovy first. His experience was shattering, and I still feel badly for him. There was a recent thread where someone found a site where they were discussing adults who wear diapers. Almost all of them thought of us as weird freaks. I say this to remind you that 99 percent of the population thinks messing yourself is gross. Thinking that a girlfriend or a good friend is going to understand this isn't usually going to happen.

    That said, there are some of us living or married to understanding partners. Love can conquer anything, and there are even those "others" who are into diapers or being a caretaker. But understand, these people are in the small minority. Only you can know your girlfriend and what she may be accepting of. My advise would be this. Since you are still living in college with two roommates, I think I would wait. I'm guessing that what you are inferring is that life could be tense if she did not approve, and word got out. Another consideration is her age as she is 18. If you see your relationship going into a much more committed affair, then you should tell her as a point of honesty, but at this stage, I wouldn't until you were both a little older and knew you were committed for the long haul.

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    If you're both open-minded, and have tried new things in the past, I'd say its possible.

    Maybe you can browse some list of fetish/oddities together that you know DL is on, and mention it along with a few others on the list?

    It might not be just a good idea to just come out with it though...

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    Thanks guys! I would def tell her If i had my own place. But its going to be weird and if she was opening to wearing i am sure she wouldnt do it with my roommates around. Keep the advice coming

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    You've only known her for four months? I probably wouldn't tell anyone unless I knew them for like a year at least. And I haven't got anything to lose; I'm pretty much a nobody, and if she tells people you're guaranteed to be made fun of in your own fraternity. You'd never live it down. That's not to say you shouldn't trust her with sensitive information ever, but I would definitely wait longer until the question isn't "When Should I", it's "How should I".

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    I'd say you've not been with her long enough. Plus, you appear to be in a fairly high-profile position, where it would not be preferable for her to freak and tell everyone...

    Also, just try to enjoy the daily sex and just enjoy the relationship with her!

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    I'd say tell her about the fetish in a passive aggressive way. Make it look like you had discovered it online and show it to her and ask her for her opinion. If she finds it kinky or interesting or doesn't seem to care about it, then that be a sign she be open minded about your fetish. You can ask her first how would she react if her partner was into it.

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    I think the best approach here would be to not just jump straight to trying to make her wear them but introduce it slowly.

    Test the waters a bit, ask her if you can share a secret (a kinky secret if that will help). Then tell her that you enjoy wearing diapers, I would also think that admitting that it seems weird may be a good idea as well, just to gain a little empathy. If she wants to talk about it some more fine but leave it at that for a few weeks and then if you feel it's right ask her if she minds you wearing around her, if she says that's fine then go right ahead, also try to get a sexual side of it happening with her at the same time (I assume you can use you imagination here).

    If all is going well and she has no problem with it and especially if she finds the sexual side of it fun then suggest that she try wearing one day. But make sure that you keep it as a just for fun thing at the moment and don't expect her to wet or anything.

    And if all goes ok then you shouldn't need any more help. Just remember to keep it going slowly.

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    It really depends on how good ur relationship is with her if you two are truely in love like me and my girl friend were then tell her but ease her into it gradually and it should be fine my girl friend currently changes my diapers even messy diapers and feeds me bottles and anything else you could imagine because she truely loves me and accepts me for who I am this is deffinately how you can tell if it's truely love good luck buddy

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    Btw I also had only been going out with my girlfriend for about 4 -5 months at the time it started just her sucking on a pacifier cuz she was a little weirded out but progressed relatively fast cuz we are very much in love and know we switch off being the baby cuz we both love it so much who would have thought lol she even likes messing /wetting alot I also love the care taker role I think a girl in a diaper is so sexy I am truely blessed good luck again bud

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    This is just me and though I think you should wait till you have been seeing each other a lot longer I know that isn't very but it might be for the best. If you can't keep it from her anymore, sit her down and have a conversation and say I have something important to tell u and ease her into it. The rest is up to you, I wudnt ask her to partake in it with u until she's more comfortable with everything and defineytly don't be to shy to explain things to her urself. I made that mistake with my ex and she went out researching and found a few sites that were filled with lies or just people using infsantilism as a window for sex. If its new to her then u have the opportunity of giving her a first impression of it instead of her getting the wrong idea.

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