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Thread: Best Concert(s) You've Been To

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    Default Best Concert(s) You've Been To

    For all the music lovers on this forum, what are the best concerts you have ever been too? I saw Radiohead last night and they were absolutely amazing. It was pouring throughout the entire concert, but the music was incredible and the show was fantastic; it was certainly one of my favourite concerts that I've been too. I would highly recommend seeing Radiohead live if you get a chance. Besides that, some of my favourite musicians I've seen live include Eric Clapton, the Rolling Stones, the Strokes, and John Mayer (he actually is good live). There's nothing like seeing musicians live!

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    The Jonas Brothers concert. I have seen them twice. no im not spoiled before you go there my best friends dad got us tickets.

    okay i know that was expected.

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    I've seen Styx four times, and they have been awesome every time. I have also seen Dennis DeYoung, who used to be Styx's lead singer, solo in concert. That was awesome. I saw Journey, Heart and Cheap Trick a few weeks ago, and all three were awesome. I wanted to see Bon Jovi back in April, but I didn't have anybody to go with.

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    I can't really comment because I have only gone to stand up gigs before. However I want to see Radiohead live, unlike most bands where I don't really care about that. I'd also love to see Ray Davies live.

    *me goes off in envy of baBBen*

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    The only concert I've been to was Muse when they performed at Wembley. Pure magic.

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    The only concert I've been too was The Fall of Troy. It was epic incarnate. ^-^
    They're really good live. Except the lead singer is kind of a prick. The drummer screwed up and hardly anyone noticed, but Thomas Erak just stopped playing and walked over to tell him off. And as they started their first song, he walked over to the techie and told her to turn everyone's mic down but his.

    All in all, though. Amazing.
    They were opened by Tera Melos, Dear Hunter and Foxy Shazam. Foxy. <33 Omg. I had to buy their shirt. Their music was eh. But the show they put on completely makes up for it. Their lead singer Eric Nally is just bat-guano insane. He did a blues-soul cover of Days of Our Lives and the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. It was great. Lol.

    Foxy Shazam: Live at the Glasshouse

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    I've been to quite a few and quite often the ones that are the most fun are obscure little bands you don't know all that well. For example, I saw a group called I'm From Barcelona (they're Sweedish) - there were twenty-odd of them in the band and they just put absolutely everything into this gig and made sure the whole audience was having a great time: everybody was getting involved, dancing, batting these giant balloons about with our hands; it was wonderful. They're not the most musically musical subtle or accomplished group I've seen but for pure fun they would be up there.

    Other great gigs - Muse, Arcade Fire, Jarvis Cocker, Rodrigo Y Gabriela (look them up, they're brilliant), Wilco, Hope of the States, Pixies, The Prodigy, Elbow, Sigur Rós, Richard Hawley...hmm, lots more but those are the ones that come to mind.

    I've also seen my fair share of rubbish gigs though, almost all from bands who think they've already made it and aren't putting their all into it. I don't mind seeing a band that aren't that great so long as they're playing their hearts out because that will still be fun, but people who think they don't have to try are always a shame. Oasis are probably the biggest culprits of that I've seen though The Good, the Bad and the Queen were also awful.

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    i've been to a few conserts, but the best by far was the foo fighters.

    they were opened by the flying cunts of caos. they were really good, and i still get a kick out of their name.

    then the foo fighters played, and they were amazing. their music was great and the show they put on was amazing. in the middle of the consert a 2nd stage came down from the ceiling into the middle of the pit and they finnished the concert there.

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    I'm not real big on concerts, because the music does not sound the same, but I have been to a few, Billy Joel, used to play here alot, and get high with us guys, I have seen him quite a few times, Hall and Oates played here a few times, they were good in concert.

    I saw the Eagles, Poblo Cruise, and the Steve Miller Band, in Milwaukee brewers stadium.

    I saw the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, in Boston at a free outdoor concert in the park in town.

    And I saw the, J Giles Band and, Head East near Ft Myers In Fla.

    There about the only ones I can remember, it was a long time ago....

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