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Thread: It's getting cold, friends. How do you warm up?

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    Default It's getting cold, friends. How do you warm up?

    Yep, the lovely wintervseason is coming around. How do you warm up? I do my usual. Long sleeved shirts with all the windows shut. Might make hot chocolate eventually. I usually stay under blankets and lay cideo games but I'm still freezing my booty off T.T Somebody warm me up. Now.

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    Hot chocolate! I love having a warm drink

    I usually just cuddle up in blankets in my pajamas on a cold day.

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    On cold days, when I get home ( while I am still in the adult mind-set and adult clothing ) I haul in some logs, start a fire in the wood stove and prepare something for dinner. By the time I've finished dinner, the stove is usually ready for a few more logs. I stoke the stove again, clean up the dishes, and then make some hot chocolate for my sippy cup. Now it's time to get freshly padded, put on something frilly, and, as Mandy said, cuddle up in some blankets. I sip my hot chocolate and watch some television before bedtime. I know it sounds rather dull, but I do look forward to these simple evening activities after the days work is done.
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    pretty much just get covered in blankets, or sit around the heater if I have a floor one set up. In the morning its just blankets though (when all your heat was floor heaters and such, getting up to actually go to class on cold days took some massive willpower).

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    On real cold nights, I would enjoy a nice hot cup of tea with a teaspoon or two of rum in it. Now that I'm on heart and other meds, I have to watch the alcohol intake, and so stick with good ol' hot cocoa with marshmallows. Yum!


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    Blankets.... and that about it X3 the cold doesn't bother me to much.

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    To combat the much discussed "worst winters in years in the UK" I have ordered myself a new sleeper - this time with a hood too Now I can get up on a cold morning and still feel like im cosy in bed
    Putting the heating on is a close 2nd!!

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    in the winters around here, i just leave my window open.
    i'm very comfortable in the cold, so it's not really a big deal for me.

    if it starts to get uncomfortably cold, then i'll probably just throw on one of my hoodies.

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    Silly people! If you don't get cold in the first place, then you don't need to get warm! Just stay warm.

    I do that by bringing Hippo and my duvet around the house with me. Hippo doesn't keep me warm, he's just nice to cuddle while I'm doing stuff. ^_^

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