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Thread: Plastic pants over disposables

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    Default Plastic pants over disposables

    Hi all

    I tend to wear plastic pants over my disposables. I know they'll not stop a bad leak but they can be great at catching the little ones and stopping those annoying little wet spots.

    Part of the reason for wearing them is that I like the extra feeling of security gained from knowing that there is a second line of defence between me and my trousers. They also tend to help me to regress better too.

    I'm just curious if anyone else tends to wear plastic pants over their disposable diapers and why?


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    I do, and for the same reasons you listed, except the regressing.

    At night they're a must, and during the day, if I'm wearing, they spare me the hassle of constantly checking whether I'm leaking or not. It's nearly impossible for me to fully exploit the capacity of a diaper without having plastic pants over it if I don't want to end up leaking on furniture and getting wet spots on my trousers.

    In the end, even if they may make me sweat a bit and definitely make me more conscious of the fact I'm diapered, they allow me to feel a lot more confident and secure.

    And, about them not being able to stop big leaks, it just depens on the model and the fit, most of the times when I take mine off there's a small puddle inside, and nothing has leaked outside!

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    Yeah disposable on its own can look good, but certainly I always wear plastics over the top. Basically for the reasons you mention and of course also odor. Not going to stop a serious leak, however I get the ones with plastic over the elastic so that is a plus, and more comfortable.

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    Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. Depends if I want to hear the crinkle more, or if i want protection more.

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    At night I wear cloth AIO diapers over my stack of disposables. Not only does this create extra thickness but catches any leaks that may happen. I also like to wear diaper covers over disposables during the day if I'm at home. As you said i's just an extra layer of security. Plus is my opinion it looks a little more babyish.

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    Anything that increases a feeling of security must be good - but like some others I have found it hard to get plastic pants that work well for me - some let leaks pool and then "let go" suddenly leaving me feeling that if i know my disposable has leaked I am walking/sitting/standing in a "time bomb".

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    same here with plastic pants I always wear them the security of extra protection is a must. I have found that they have saved many a pair of pants from becoming a wet mess. At night I would not go to bet without them on.....

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    I always have a plastic pant over a disposible diaper, although I also wear a pair of underpants over the disposable to absorb the little leakage which happens when I wear and use them for a longer period of time.

    A diaper and a plastic pant also 'belong together' for me (I'm part of the cotton generation ) an extra fetish if you will...


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    I to love plastic pants over disposables, same reasons but mostly as it make it feel very babyish. Love the plastic pants.
    I would love a cute diaper cover but I can't find any?
    Any suggestions, sorry not trying to jack your thread.

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    I was wondering if anyone had tried the plastic pants from tiger underwear becaise there said to be reallycomphy

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