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Thread: Being Publicly Found Out

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    Default Being Publicly Found Out

    Sorry but I couldn't think of a good title to describe what I mean so I apologize for the vagueness in the title. >-<

    Anyway I was wondering what someone would do if you got asked "Are you a(n) *bdl?" like at school, work and anywhere in public.

    The reason I bring this up is
    1. I have a painfully obvious friend who tells people in the hallway if they have food in their teeth, even if they are complete strangers. And she just seems like the kind of girl who would call on someone if she thought they were in a diaper.
    2. My art is recognizable to people since I do stuff for my schools Art Club, and if people were to go though Google and find some sketches they could tell they were mine.

    I was thinking about this earlier and I honestly don't know if I would be honest or play dumb. On one hand if I say yes and be honest the person could be trolling me and then the last of my senior year would be hellish... Or if I lie and say no and its someone from the community then they would feel pretty foolish.

    What would you do in that situation?

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    playing dumb and denial are your best tools in such a situation.

    it's a long shot that it would be someone from the community, but if it was, you could mention something about adisc. if they know what it is, talk to them privately. if they don't... don't.

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    Yeah, it always seems so easy on the surface, "Oh yeah, sure. I'm into diapers." But reality points to another direction. I think in almost all cases, I would deny it. If it was a perfect stranger, maybe.

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    Question: "Are you a(n) *bdl?"
    Answer: (with a puzzled look) "What makes you ask that??"
    How no one has ever called me out on wearing diapers is beyond me, although a couple people have kind of hinted at it in a roundabout sort of way. Or was that paranoia messing with me?
    At any rate, I'm not saying a word about it. No response to hints and definitely not outing myself unprompted.
    If someone asked me directly tho, "Are you wearing a diaper?", well... at that point I wouldn't see much point in running. Game over. I don't think you'd be asked that question by someone who didn't already have a pretty good idea, ya know? BUT anything less than that direct, specific question would get a negative, or at least evasive answer.

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    I would probably ask them to talk in private right off the bat if I vaguely knew them, otherwise, I would ask them why they are asking me.

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    In the hallways or somewhere similar, or if I don't know them: Wtf are you talking about?

    Somewhere somewhat private, and I know them: play by ear, depends on the friend.

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    If someone asked me if I was in a diaper, I'd probably deny it or feign incontinence of some form. If someone asked if I was ab/dl, I'd be more inclined to discuss it as they presumably know a little bit about it!

    Of course, it would depend on whether they had a lot of evidence - and whether I knew them or they were a stranger!

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    The art is easy to explain: You get paid for it because apparently, you found a niche in the market where people pay top dollar for furry/babyfur/baby art. Unless you're filthy rich, more money is rarely an issue for suspicions or complaints. No need to confess that you actually enjoy the art/the things shown in your art

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    Quote Originally Posted by plenka View Post
    Question: "Are you a(n) *bdl?"
    Answer: (with a puzzled look) "What makes you ask that??"
    Or even just be like "huh? What's that?"

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    I would just ask why they are asking me such a question. Depending on their reaction, or the situation I may say yes. Otherwise I would probably just ignore the question or change the topic.

    I have a feeling that if any of my 'friends' asked me (then again; really they all know), they wouldn't be to concerned about the answer and are just curious about it. If it were someone else, I would probably just do the first.

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