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    I decided yesterday after knowing my internet would be off until later on today, I started playing around with my spare ROTC subwoofer and a 10" diameter tube I had in the garage (which will be prop for my movie, more on that later), so I stuck the 10 in the hole, and taped the seams off, leaving a 10" exit on the oppisite side of the tube.

    The bass was tremendously loud for a low excursion 10, it actually matched my MTX 10s!! I gotta get a second one of these tubes and morph em XD (2 10s... etc etc)

    but however, the only problem with using a big tube with no filter means I have to clean out the space under the bed that way my speaker doesnt draw in objects, as we know that a pressure filled tube will pull objects which could get into my coil or worse, destroying the cone...

    And with someone who loves audio as much as me, a claimed audiophile, would not want a speaker to get ruined (unless necesairy, e.g. that subwoofer I caught on fire > )

    And before people say I can't be an audiophile without the 2 thousand dollar equipment, realize that I dont need Monitor Audio towers to pull that clean of a sound, I do have some AR4s which are extremely low distortion... but the thing here is, it doesnt matter what my speakers are if my soundcard is still crap, my amps are O.K. @ 0.05% THD, but my soundcard... oh boy... it gives off static... its a Yamaha DS-XG, one of the last great synth cards made, dont tell me that your Logitech F4t4l1ty is better, thats a soundcard, not a true midi synth card, and mine isnt a true one either, I just like having more controls than most cards with midi and ability to wire my yamaha keyboard to it.... and if you havent noticed the keyboard in my room yet, you fail for trying...

    but anyway, im still up for demo's and are hosting a meet on friday, TBE will be able to tell you how loud my stuff gets and how clean it sounds doing it.. im running car speakers, so what, but... I love Pioneers speakers :3
    (and MTX makes awesome subs, they get crazy loud and can pressurize a room, amazing for free :3 [sidenote, its on a 600w amp])

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    COOL!!! i want to get sub woofers and i cant because i dont have money.

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