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    So the boyfriend and I have been dating for a little over 2 months. I've told him about my DL-ness (more a DL with AB tendencies) and he says he's fine with it. So I used to spend the night over there every weekend and its become more and more sporadic. He thinks I'm "hot" in a diaper and wants me to sleep over in one. This both excites me and makes me a little nervous. I've not shared this side of me with anyone intimately before. I always bring my "gear" over it but always chicken out at the last second. Any advice/tips/tricks/suggestions? I'm sposed to stay over there tomorrow...

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    If you keep chickening out, you could, put a diaper on before you go, take a few for changes, but don't take any "normal" underwear. That way you don't have a choice.

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    ^ what supersam said.
    force yourself to do it.

    you might even bring a few for him to wear, and see if it's something he wants to do.
    (it sounds like you might not be ready for this though; only do what you're comfortable with!)

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    If you trust this fella, there's really no reason to let nerves get the best of you. That's what it is, do you trust him to not do anything uncool... if you do then hell with it. If the nerves are a massive tidal wave, then grab your surfboard.

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    Definitely don't do it if you aren't comfortable enough around him. And don't let him take any pics, you've got no idea who might look through his pictures one of these days. Also, you should bring enough so that he could join in if he wanted to, but don't force or pressure him into it.
    Hope you have fun though!!!

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    First and foremost, like me you should consider yourself lucky that you have a boyfriend who finds the whole diaper thing hot. They are few and far between!

    In regards to the whole diaper wearing thing with other people involved, this takes some getting used to. First time I did it I was around a babyfur's house. While at the time it was quite terrifying, by the end of the weekend I was feeling a lot more comfortable, and within a few short months, it was suddenly normal. I'd been to visit other ABs houses and flats before, but like you, I chickened out at the last moment. The idea simply takes some getting used to. Allow your mind to come around to it, and don't force it on yourself, otherwise it might become a problem! Also, keep in mind that the first time you do get up the courage to do it, you are going to feel awkward. For a lot of people though, oddly enough, this is a massive turn on, especially if you're the sub in your relationship.

    Nowadays I don't bat an eyelid when it comes to a guy walking around in just a diaper or t-shirt, or even just a diaper (unless the guy is hot, in which case I might n.n). I suggest wearing it under some jeans the first time round. Simply because, out of all types of trousers, jeans mask diapers much better than any other :3. It also really helps to be doing something that's completely unrelated to your AB/DLness, like playing vidya games, or listening to music, or watching a movie or something similar.

    Key things to keep in mind: Don't rush, chill, be yourself, don't feel like you have to act like a baby, and ease yourself into it. This way, you won't go wrong .

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    Just an update for y'all as I received some grand advice. I do trust him and so thus went ahead with the weekend! Plenka seemed to have hit it with it being a grand case of nerves. So I went over and we watched Ice Age 2 and Sorcerer's Apprentice (some irony from Ice Age if you've seen it). Also had dinner and all that fun stuff. Then when it was time to get diapered he was very non-chalant about it and accepting. I was very aware of any cues that would present as him being uncomfortable, so I would know if I needed to back off. It took some doing on his behalf...and me re-iterating in my head everyone's advice on here and finally I took the leap and we just did it. Woke up next to him in a wet diaper

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