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    so my last post was that i told my girlfriend about this and she was really into it. well since then, she's been really receptive to everything and i told her that i want her to try one on. except i dont know where i could buy diapers for her. shes relatively skinny (probably around a 28 inch waist)... any hints/advice?


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    Considering that I have around a 26-27" waist, she would be fine to wear..

    1. Goodnites
    2. Nite Pants (Kroger Generic of Goodnites)
    3. Depend Maximum Protection (Fitted Briefs in Small/Medium Size)
    4. Possibly Underjams..

    Those are some store brands off the top of my head; however, I would not try baby diapers. It might be possible to tape them on, although it would be a bit tight.

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