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Thread: Does religious Americans hate Sweden?

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    Talking Does religious Americans hate Sweden?

    I just found this video while searching youtube for foreign oppinions on my home country.

    I do know that this kind of bigotry exists everywhere, but this one made me feel very sick and offended, that parents would indoctrinate children to this kind of hatred.

    All in all, you just have to love the comments from the boy!
    This nation of fags! (well, gee, thanks, everyone in Sweden are fags?)
    Swedesheeeen annnnn soldiersannnn........ you´r a DIKE!

    This behaviour does not even grace my normal life while interacting with people in general.
    I am at a loss..! Is this kind of hatred normal in the US?

    What I am aiming at, what is your thoughts and reflections on this video and this post. (and any other Swedish stereotypes you would like to ask me about)

    I guess I have to post a link to the video as well :
    America hates Sweden - YouTube

    ps, beware the Swedish gay soldiers...... or else

    pps, what the hell does vacuum cleaners have to do with it all???

    Moderators, please feel free to move this to the mature topics section if it gets out of hand... thx

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    this particular group of morons is the WBC- or the westboro baptist church.

    pretty much the KKK, except without the masks.

    these losers are not with us.

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    No, "religious Americans" are in no way represented by that cult of haters. America finds those bottom feeders completely repulsive.

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    I assure you that all of the sane and respectable human beings in America do not hate Sweden. That video depicts sick minded losers. That was purely disgusting. I'm a Christian and an American. That video was just sick.

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    I hate no one. I tolerate and Love (Yes I'ma brony but I believed this before.) everyone. I will show you my truth but I won't shove it down your trap.

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    A hate for homosexuals in churches yes any connection to Sweden, never these guys are pretty isolated and probably have a pasture that dose their thinking for them. The only animosity i've ever seen towards the Swedish before this has been hockey related.

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    P.S Hvor ble dette gjort?

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    Quote Originally Posted by erevu View Post
    America finds those bottom feeders completely repulsive.
    Not as much as you think. Until WBC started protesting soldiers' funerals, conservatives actually gave them decent regard for their stance on gays.

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    The people featured in that video are clowns IMO. In fact they make me a little angry. I disagree with their premise and feel badly for their children.

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    Umm, I know I'm from America, or at least I think I am.. Not come into contact with too many Sweeds in my neck of the woods, certainly not any gay ones, but I have come into contact with people from at least 30 different nations. I also worked at a restaurant that represented at one time 17 nations and 20 some different races. A few gay people here and there, a few devout Muslims (More devout than most practicing American Christians.) and a couple of Satanists to boot. I've never seemed to have a problem with any of them.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I'm pretty religious and I have no problem with Sweden.

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