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Thread: Odd question... But how on earth do I get a collar?

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    Default Odd question... But how on earth do I get a collar?

    Today, dad went to a hardware store, and I made some excuse to get a dog collar, but he wouldn't buy me a $3 collar... Any ideas? And i don't have a dog, just saying. AND it will
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    Go to a pet store maybe? ain't there like a fetish website that sells that kinda thing?.

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    Pet shop is your best bet. I'm lucky because I've get a Pets at Home about a 10 minute bus ride from my house.

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    no offense but if my son asked me that i wouldn't buy one either.. It seems.. a little.. Creepy?

    Just go to the store. Buying a collar is nothing compared to a paci or a diaper.
    You can get one anywhere, pretty much..
    Also if anyone asks, your friends dog.. lol not to hard.

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    i can understand why he didn't buy it... he thought it was just a passing comment and didn't feel the need to buy something
    there are plenty of online furry sites that offer custom collars. is one.
    you can also just save up 3 dollars and buy one at the store yourself. petsmart has a large selection.
    you could also make one yourself.

    it's very easy to obtain if you apply yourself to the task.

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    I've been wearing a collar almost every day since i was 12, i usually recommend going to a pet store and selecting for flexibility and softness of the material as well as cost. If you are looking to spend a bit but get something unique and specially made for you i recommend Custom Collars by they offer you the ability to make a custom collar for a reasonable rate with different materials, optional fur lining, bells, studs, rings, different clasp choices. Right now I have a petco collar that is gray and green but very supple and smooth. I also have a very nice black and blue one from the collar factory that i wear when i want to look nice.

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    You can also get collars at food stores. Our Krogers carries them.

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    Just a suggestion: get one that puts all the cut ends of the nylon on the outside or folded into the middle layers. The melted nylon where they cut it is scratchy if they have it on the inside.

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    ...what kind of excuse did you come up with for a collar, exactly?

    Anyway, if you can't get another fur to buy you a collar (surprisingly effective O.o ) your best bet is to buy it at a pet shop yourself. A collar is as inconspicuous of an item to buy as you'll find, so there really isn't any use to come up with any ridiculous story to convince people that you're not buying it for yourself. That and, from personal experience, people don't really react negatively to people wearing collars anyway.

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