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    I want to get cloth diapers, but not sure if I should go prefold or the velcro type. I definately don't want pull on type, that just seems like underwear that is thicker but still just briefs. any help?

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    LeakMaster Adult Prefold Cloth Diapers - Night Time Thickness

    I wear one of those and am ordering more.
    Here is the information i have learned that every cloth owner should know. Not in any order and just what came to my mind. All links are important.

    1: Never buy bulk until you're sure you know what works. Always buy 1 cloth and try it out.
    2: Always prewash a cloth and then do a normal wash/dry cycle before ever using, it removes the dirt and other stuff that comes with it. And makes sure it really is 100% clean. If there's any fresher or any non cloth diaper detergent detergent on it your skin will hurt.
    3: Use rockin' green detergent. Never use whiteners, bleach, fresher, softener, or enzymes. These will not wash off and when the urine hits it will enable the enzymes and other parts to activate, causing your skin to literally be eaten away. Rockin' green will never do this, it cleans the diaper and does it's job well. And it's cheap!
    4:Velcro will wear out faster than the diaper itself. In my opinion get prefold or contour (disposable like shape). A prefold is like a big towel with thick materials in the center. No one would notice if hung outside, they will on contours.
    5: Hanging outside does help the diaper though. The UV rays brightens the diaper and removes stains
    6: Check out cheeky diapers to learn the angel fold and bikini fold. I use the angel fold, very easy to use. Easier than disposables.
    Bikini fold
    Angel fold
    7: YOU MUST buy high waist plastic pants!!!! This is crucial! Without plastic pants the entire cloth will get damp and soak into your clothes. High waistes are needed due to thicker material. Cloths ride up higher and are thicker/tighter to your skin.
    8: Try both dultclothdiaper's 4 jumbo pins and a size 2 snappi. I use snappi's and they work very well. They last through nights and hold diapers in place. With shipping i got mine for $5 off ebay. eBay - New & used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods & more at low prices
    8: Gauze is slightly thinner than birdseye but has a more breathable weave. They both come out to the same relative thickness. I use birdseye. The terry cloth by far is the most comffy and absorbent material in my opinion.
    9: Cloth diapers take about 5-8 washes to finally get up to performance. You won't get good performance until 5+ washes in. The exception being adultcloth diaper's diaper. On wash 2 i am able to wear all day to college and multiple wet. Took my babykins one at least 6.
    10: I'd recommend adultclothdiaper for all of your cloth diaper needs. You can combine shipping and get your diaper pail, cloth diapers, pins, and other supply from one site with fast shipping.
    11: Oh, and on average at least 10 cloth diapers is good for 24/7 each week. I'd recommend at least 15 however.
    12: If you do mess, make sure to dump the solids into a toilet first before putting it into the pail. Then do a prewash, wash, and then an "extra-rinse" (double wash basically) before drying.
    13: You are able to bone dry cloth. It make take 1 year out but you'll get at least 4 on average. $28 across 4 years is money well spent.
    14: Never wash anything else besides inserts or washable diaper pail liners with your cloth diapers. They take specific settings and other items can get in the way of making sure they're washed.
    15: Total wash/dry time for me with 2 diapers takes about 3 hours. With most it'd probably increase by 5-8 minutes per diaper. Up to 4 hours tops. Most washers.dryers can get 8 in. To see how many your washer and dryer can take take all of your unwashed/dried cloth diapers and put them in each of the washer and dryer. Make sure they're not compacted. See how many fit in before they reach half way. (at least on a front loader). That is the maximum height, since it takes room for the water to move around and you need the diapers to push together to wash effectively.

    I probably didn't get anything and this is by far not a guide. There wasn't much room for organization, just bullets on things i thought were important. If you have questions pm me. I've been in cloths for about 3-4 weeks and love them. I hate disposables now. I never even grew up with cloth either and live with parents.

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