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Thread: Remembrance/Veterans day

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    Default Remembrance/Veterans day

    November 11th is remembrance day, the day that we remember every one of those who fought for peace and freedom
    So let's all wear a diaper for all those that fought in the war, to remember all they have done.

    Lest we forget.

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    I always wear a diaper on Fridays, but I'll remember the vets in a different way. I've told the story before, when a friend of mine went to Vietnam. He would write home to let us know how he was. One day he wrote that he was in a vehicle convey moving through the streets with Vietnamese crowding around, standing on the streets. Suddenly, a little boy, about ten, threw a grenade into his jeep. He tossed it out, and the jeep behind him had a mounted 50 caliber machine gun. They mowed down the crowd, women, children, everyone. He said it would be his last letter home.

    War makes soldiers do terrible things, and so when they come home, they are tortured by their dreams. We should remember them and care about them. They gave the unimaginable for something they believed in.

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    Well, I just thought it was something to that could be a usefull excuse and a good way to think abut the vets.

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    To any and all who have served will serve and continue to protect our freedom

    I thank and honor you

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    My older half-brother served in Kosovo in 1999. Although he was never physically hurt, he did end up with PTSD and manic depression afterwards. I am proud of what he and all of those who served did for our country. Happy veterans day!

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