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Thread: Another Canuckie online

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    Cool Another Canuckie online

    well I am not quite sure where to start But here goes...

    I am incontenent for 16 years now and somewhat a DL.
    I have relatively small health issues compared to some other people. but I try to get along as well as I can.
    I spent 16 years in the military as a driver extraordinaire{minor self back patting} and took an early retirement/buyout back in '95

    I remember having a fascination with diapers since my cronic bedwetting days as a child and maybe that has something to do with my casual acceptance of present circumstances.

    I tend to have a wealth of semi useless but fascinating knowledge about many a thing. I used to be an avid SCUBA diver [exclusively in colder water]

    I drive for a living but not the trucks and heavy equipment I love.

    well for a quick intro I seem to be ranting quite a bit.

    In closing I would like to say

    " enjoy life while you can... nobody gets out of it alive"

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    Welcome aboard!

    And theres no such thing as useless knowledge. Its bound to help someone figure something out

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