Hello Humans and Furries alike.

I have come to invade your forum like space. As the grass appears to always be greener on the other side, your bamboo must be eaten and I have come to do the job... Furthermore alittle about me...

1. I like long walks on the mountains.... not much of a beach guy though its alittle warm and low altitudeish.

2. I'm a big fan of animal conservation because im an endangered species.

3. When in the vacinity of Red you may also run into the following side effects.

- In extreme danger of having a good time

- Goose Bumps

- Headaches

- Squaids

- Light headedness

-Waking up to the crisp after smell of chloroform in a small bamboo haven

Lastly, I am also a 7 year old panda who enjoys video games, hanging out, cooking, funny stuff, and other less imaginative things... oh and clearly i work out like 27 hours a day, have a rock hard body, and like 37 panda girlfriends and boyfriends.

I suppose one of the biggest reasons I came here is because I wanted to look for a forum that had alittle more moderation... I love having a good time... just not with a bunch of ugly trolls demanding webcam... lolwut?

But more realistically im actually here to shoot the bamboo, attain a small chance of making friends, and just hang out in general.

\/ I must troll this intro question

4) What would you love to do here?

Panda Likes Provokative singing of course!

Oooooo..... ... You Touch My Pandalalala.... MMMM My Ding ding dong...

*flails My Paws to the Chorus*

La lalala lalala Laalalalalalala lalala lalala Laalalaalalala

Oooooo You touch my Pandalala.... MMMM....