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Thread: your top 5 saturday morning cartoons

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    Default your top 5 saturday morning cartoons

    i was just wondering what everyone's favorite Saturday morning cartoon and maybe as a bonus what was your favorite cereal to watch...

    1 dragonball z

    2 GI joe

    3 transformers

    4 He-man master of the universe

    5 dungeons & Dragons

    and my favorite cereal and is today is fruity pebbles... yummmmy

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    I wasn't aware that Saturday had a morning? I certainly haven't seen it.

    My favourite cereal is Weetos!

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    1. Wakfu (since it's not available in the US, I get up and stream it from the network's site in France, unsubbed, then hold on and watch it again later in the week after the subbing team finishes)
    2. Phineas and Ferb / Kick Buttowski
    3. DVR recorded new eps. of Adventure Time
    4. Regular Show
    5. Tom and Jerry FTW!

    Favorite cereal to munch on? Lucky Charms, Cinnamon Life usually!

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    1. Tom and Jerry <3
    2. The Classic Looney Toons
    3. Pepper Ann (man do I miss this show...)
    4. Angery Beavers (Netflix FTW)
    5.The Phred on Your Head Show (If anyone even remembers Noggin before Moose and Zee they know Phred. "Thats Fred with a P-H!")

    Favorite cereal(s): Cinnimon Toast Crunch, Life (plain and cinnimon), and the generic (the ones with the kangaroo on it) Chocolate Rice crispys ^^

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    looney toons
    shaolin showdown

    NO particular order

    Favorite cereal count chocula

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