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Thread: I got two more computers for free

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    Default I got two more computers for free

    I was at a locally owned computer shop today, talkng with the ownwer. ( I'm friends with him). Well we were going though his storage room and he came across thess two older custom built computer and he looked at me and said you know these have been here for a year or two so you can have them. I was like realy.

    So I get them home and one has a 1.0 GHZ pro in it and the other has a 2.1Ghz pro. and the both have 512 MB of ram.

    I have put Xp on one, but not sure what I will put on the other one.

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    Nice find there is nothin better than free stuff!

    Today I got a FREE Triplett VOM meter for my electrical work on guitars and moding and building stuff! Its retailing for at least 275.00$ and I got it FREE im happy.
    BTW nice find!

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    That is good, my mom use to own a music shop and those were very expensive most of them were like $300 and up.

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    So are you building the computer like soldering and circuit diagrams and whatnot?

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    No they are completely put together already

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    Free computers are nice. I get them for free a lot. Usually take them apart and sell the stuff inside and throw the case out.

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    Nice, not the best. But I guess the owner could of done with the space and they weren't worth much due to their age. As well as consumers want something better, not as if half of them know what they are buying anyway.

    Slap Ubuntu on it. Or if you want to know a little more about computers, you could put Ubuntu on it and start changing the settings and turning it into a server slowly but surely.

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    I put the vista advisor on the one with the 2.1 GHZ pro and it said it could support vista. So I put vista on it and it is run real good.

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    I was going to say give it to me, as I am trying to get something going for someone else, but you already did something with it.

    Tell us more about what yah do to them.

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    Ew! Vista on 512MB, it'll work. But you will be so much better off having XP on it. It will run much more smoother and quicker. That or Upgrade the ram yourself, which is pretty cheap to do. I am sure the owner will help you out on how to do that one.

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