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    OK I bin really thirsty and peeing a lout lately. I would be drinking a glass of water back to back and I would go to the restroom like 20 times a day. I want to the doters and my blood sharger whas 500. That wasn't good. Now any thing sweet is poison to me. Life sucks

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    you sound just like i did when i first found out i had diabetes, but you well get used to it and things well change trust me you dont want to get nurapothy wich is nerve damage to your legs mostly then you cant walk. or you could go blind. just take it slow and you well adjust good luck

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    thanks glacero. diabetes run my family I just didn't think it would happen to me at a young age.

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    My wife is diabetic and uses an insulin pump. They work very well, but you're constantly hooked up to it. It's important for you to check your blood sugar. With the pump, you can immediately adjust for high blood sugar, sending it down. Sustained high blood sugar will not only destroy your feet and eyes, but also your kidneys. We do home hemo dialysis and my wife is hooked up to the machine as we speak. You must take this seriously. Good luck my friends and feel free to ask any questions you might have. I'm always here to help others.

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