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Thread: Where can I buy wholesale baby clothing and accessories?

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    Default Where can I buy wholesale baby clothing and accessories?

    I want to open an internet business selling these items but I haven't been able to find potential suppliers to start pricing, a business plan, create a brochure etc. I keep seeing this salehoo but I don't see any baby items when I visit the site. It seems that you have to pay to get more information. Can anyone help me find a wholesaler who sells BABY clothing and accessories?

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    Sorry but I don't think any of us would be able to help you out here but what you could try is emailing a baby store and asking where they get them from, I'm sure they'd be OK with sharing that information with you.

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    Baby as in "infant sized" clothing or Adult Baby clothing? I don't think you will be able to find any wholesale clothes, and if you do it will probably be very cheap and very poorly made. Most adult baby clothing sites make their items custom and by hand. Unless you have a team of experienced seamstresses or can do it yourself I think you may have a hard time doing this.

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