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Thread: Privatina type store in the US

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    Default Privatina type store in the US

    Hey all you AB's! This is my first post on this board so firstly, hello!

    I really like some of the sporty style rompers I see on Privatina. Awesome fusion of mainstream clothing and AB. Is there any type of online store within the us that creates some of the same(ish) type of stuff?

    The initial cost is one thing but its really the shipping that sends it into the stratosphere, ya know?

    This cub needs his first romper! *fussy*

    Thanks for any suggestions,

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    CosyNDry has quite a large selection of Rompers, and shipping to the US only adds about $6 to the shipping cost.

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    Heh, I would suggest finding someone who would make something custom to your liking's. I've seen plenty of rompers on Ebay but if you want something that looks like it's from Privatina and fits I would suggest a commission.

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