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Thread: The Teddy Has Landed!

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    Default The Teddy Has Landed!

    Hiya! I am of course new here. But, a few of you may know me. On the site, I go by the name Ron564339, as mentioned in my sig at the moment. Way back in the day when this site was really small, a few people I knew at TBN jumped over here. this site is like, totally huge! I don't even know where to begin...I feel lost in the crowd already.

    (By the way, Lukie was the one who got me to come here ).

    Anyway...I guess a few quick things about me. I'm male and 25, and I'm an AB. I definitely have a sexual interest in it, especially with playful control/humiliation. But...I also have a really cute and cuddly interest in it too. I'm a little babyfurish, but not really. However, the main thing to know about me in that regard is that I got my teddy about 4 years ago and ever since then I've been obsessed with teddies! (even though I only got one more).

    Anyway...I'm a pretty nice and easy going person. I'm a bit of a dork and very silly. I guess I could talk about some non AB/DL stuff about me, but that would take too long. So for now...(in a Dr. Nick voice) "Hi, everybody!"

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    welcome to adisc
    i hope to see you post around enjoy yourself here ^^

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    After so long, you've finally joined!

    Welcome, welcome. (And be nice everyone! Treat him well!)

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    Hello welcome take a seat and make yourself at home, we wont bite I promize.

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    Hey, I knew I recognized that avatar! I'm Maverick58 from TBN, but I'm not very active. Anyway, welcome to ADISC and have fun! ^_^

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    *clears runway for the Teddy*

    Yay, the ron has arrived! *throws a big welcome party*


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    I think I vaguely remember you...from the days before I was banned from TBN *snickers*

    Anyway...welcome to ADISC.

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    Another TBN'r joins us!

    I'm lowlow64 from there, I post alot. Glad you joined

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