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Thread: Easy Access Clothing Onesie ("body suit")

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    Default Easy Access Clothing Onesie ("body suit")

    Hello ADISC,

    So a few months ago I was recommended a supplier of a onesie (thread).

    Well after a while of having mine I'd like to give a bit of a mini review on it and recommendation.

    I ordered the white sleeved bodysuit.

    First I'd like to mention this purchase was like 95% utility to me. 5% DL fun (it helps a lot with very full diaper). Being able to wear without any fear of showing is great. Any movement will at worst reveal my "tucked in undershirt." Additionally when things get full, it continues to help hold the diaper preventing leaks or (and this was unexpected) absorb a bit preventing a leak that would have shown. But that's the 5% DL fun...feeling the tug of the weight of a really wet dry 24/7

    I'd first like to confirm the statement in the linked thread about how the onesie "holds" on. My previous experience with a onesie discovered it would stretch after wearing and then be too loose to hold onto the diaper. This turned out to be as a result of the 100% cotton content of that onesie. Easy Access uses a 49/51 "poly/cotton" knit. My experience has been yes it feels a "little" tighter straight out of the drier however the difference doesn't affect its functionality. Be it the 1st diaper or the 3rd, it still does a good job holding onto it. Even after the previous diapers had expanded from being wet.

    Admittedly going from a full dry 24/7 to a fresh Active Ultra (about same thickness as a bambino bianco) results in a more "loose" fit. However the onesie is sown in such as way that after it confirms to the new diaper it "tightens" around it because of the knitting around the leg holes, it's kinda hard to describe. It kind of "fits" around the diaper / your cheeks which pulls itself up / tight against your backside. If it ever felt loose lifting my arms straight up or doing that right before closing my pants button (thus "locking" the lower half in place) always did the trick. However even when loose it wasn't loose to the point that the onesie felt pointless. My previous onesie would get to the point that I could my hand between it and the diaper and it would only touch it when I lifted my hands up and kept them there.

    All this is based on that you have the appropriate sizing. Due to a string of calls to Sandy (vendor owner) and measurement misshaps I ended up trying out a small, medium, and a large. I wear large shirts but because of a misunderstanding of how to perform measurements on the site I got a small. Learn from my mistake, measurements are from (middle) between the legs to the shoulder without a diaper. The without a diaper is important because the garment is knitted with that accounted for...which lead to me getting a medium and a large to try. Sandy recommended the medium, but I was still skeptical because I do wear large shirts....well in the end she was right. Luckily her return policy is 30 days.

    Sizing aside they are very soft and comfortable. The material feels nice and cozy against the skin. And being white means bleaching is always an option for cleaning if you leak.

    Product durability is solid also. The snaps feel like quality and the fabric is top notch. My previous onesie starting tearing around the buttons after a few weeks (though I was unsnapping by pulling), but these still look brand new even after a little rough unsnapping.

    They are $30 each plus shipping. Which is about what everyone else seems to charge.

    So all in all I feel the product is A++. However some heads up if you decide to order.

    1. Order Tracking
    This was a big thing to me. After I submitted my order my card was billed as expected and I was emailed a receipt. All pretty typical...however I never got an email with a tracking number. It was about 2 weeks that I decided to call and figure out what was going on. After about a handful of phone calls and an unreturned message Sandy finally picked up. She informed me that it should be arriving the next day (dunno when she mailed it). But it was either there when I got home or the next day, I forget which. As far as packaging it was in a typical USPS envelope. The label clearly states "Easy Access Clothing" however.

    2. Customer Service (partially)
    Like I said above Sandy was difficult to get into contact. Which isn't really a knock against her so much as this could have been avoided if tracking numbers were sent out. However when I did get into contact with her she was great. She answered all my questions and was very nice about discussing the (mistaken) measuring.

    If anyone has questions I'll happily answer them.

    Given insights provided by posts in this thread I'd like to amend the above points.
    1. UPSP doesn't provide tracking numbers except on express mail.
    2. Sandy has replied to another member saying she ships on Mondays.

    In light of these I'd like to amend my above comments to say only that more clarity on shipping would be appreciated. Post purchase emails saying shipping happens on Monday or an email being sent after shipping has initiated would be welcomed. It would also be great for persons that live in homes with other people. The second onesie I received was picked up from the mailbox by a fellow house mate and was placed in the kitchen out of sight for a few days which in combination with my previous experience on the first order was my only poor experience to say about my purchase.
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    Don't want to ruin the thread but shouldn't this be in an AB or TB forum. It's more in that category than diaper talk, even though you did mention diaper talk.

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    You sold me man! I'm buying. I have been looking for this exact onesie. An all white onesie (to wear in public) that snugs the diaper tighly and brings it up closer to your skin. And what a cheap price. I paid $35 for mine at babykins and the threads tear with normal use, heck i barely use it and they come off. Babykins does not make good quality products like i thought.

    Thanks for the review.

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    had been wearing Abena snap crotch onsie daily for years always loved them for the fact they hold up nicely.. but, they've been disconinued. I might try one of these

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    Quote Originally Posted by XboxGamer123 View Post
    Don't want to ruin the thread but shouldn't this be in an AB or TB forum. It's more in that category than diaper talk, even though you did mention diaper talk.

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    Actually I was kinda torn in regards to that. I didn't feel like it was TB because it didn't relate per say to teenage problems. And I didn't feel like it was AB because it didn't involve age play. Diaper talk is kind of like the "tools of our trade" and a onesie definitely is a tool here as I was reviewing it.

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    Thanks for this excellent review
    If anyone knows a good source in Europe, I would really appreciate this. I am looking for plain white onesies, just for the DL. (indeed 5% DL-fun and 95% for the sake of not being discovered ;-)

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    Easy Access does have the best fit out there.I have a about 13 of them and they last a long time if you are easy on the snaps.
    The jeans are good also

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    Quote Originally Posted by willnotwill View Post
    USPS doesn't do tracking other than on express mail.
    'Facepalm' that'd make sense. She sends them in priority mail envelopes. I hadn't thought of that. Though I still wish she sent an out an email saying when she mailed it. When I sent my return to her I was told it would take 3 days which is much less than 2 weeks.

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