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    I have done an intro before. Do not know why I've been asked again.
    I am a DL I like nice thick disposables but own a few cloth diapers and Plastic pants. I have been around the diaper thing on the net sence DPF was the hot spot to go.
    I think girls in diapers are the cutest things I have ever seen if they are real and not models.
    I was a bed wetter as a child and never had diapers to help keep the bed dry . once when I was about 6 I didn;t get to the bathroom soon enough and wet my pants. My dad beat me and made a diaper out of a bed sheet and put it on me and made me sit on the couch and everyone laughed at me. Do not know if that is where I got the intrest in diapers or not. but here I am. Who new?

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    Glad to have you back but you can only have one account. I hope you'll get it sorted and we can welcome you back properly.

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