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    hi im chuck im from NJ im a DL since 8yrs ago i want to meet any one im my area ,,, im 20mNJ Str8

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    Not off to a good start here...

    This isn't a dating site, it's a support community. If you are looking to meet other people in your area, there are others sites out there for that. Please don't ask here, you won't get any responses because you are new and no one knows anything about you.

    How can we tell if you're not just an internet predator? What's to say you are being truthful about your details? Right now, you, along with the rest of us can't, prove what your true motives are. There's a way to go about things, and then there's a totally wrong way to go about things.

    Besides, kids these days are usually more intelligent than your average internet creep.

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    Hey Chuck, welcome to the site.

    We're not really about meetups here. ADISC is an online community, and we try to keep to our online selves rather than doing a ton of meetups. Once you make it to Regular or VIP status, you'll see that a few organized meetups take place between established members of the site.

    Want to tell us a little more about yourself? What do you do for fun that isn't diaper-related? Surely you can't be interested in just diapers.

    And do try to type out your posts, ur nt txt msgng:

    Quote Originally Posted by njdiapers08
    Hi, I'm Chuck hailing from NJ. I've been a DL for 8 years, and would be interested in meeting people in my area. I'm 20 years old, male, and straight.
    Anyways, have a good time here!


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    Hey, nice to meet you, I'm from New Jersey too! Welcome to ADISC and have fun. And yeah, as Lukie and Dannytheninja have said, ADISC isn't all about meetings. They're a nice addition, but that isn't what we're all about. So, stick around, post, and earn some trust and respect.

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    Hi NJdiaper and welcome to the site. I'm sure you will find it very informative and a nice place to make online freinds.

    As the above people mentioned, this isn't a dating site. Its really going to turn people away from you with coming off with posts like that. So in the future, I suggest you talk to someone for several months before even asking if they are interested in meeting up. I have met up with a number of people off of this site and made freindships with them. However I didn't ask if they wanted to meet up instantly.


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    well welcome to ADISC i hope to see you post around

    like others have said this ist a dating site but there are plently friendly pepole here to get to know ... anyways have funn

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    supp NJD'08!
    hope u have fun here on adisc meeting kool DL's from "all over". While i understand u might wanna meet up with a DL IRL (in real life) it's definately more safe and better to take your time and make friends through the chatroom etc. In all reality, ADISC is a support community, not a meetup board! Anyway sorry if I sounded like grandma!!
    What do u think of the chatroom?
    If you have 2 more minutes, Tell us a lil about your life, like what sports or hobbies do u like? What's your plans for the next 5 years? What types of friends do u enjoy the most (naturelovers/ musicians/ ppl into cars/ baseball players or fans/ shy people j/k )
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