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    So I was with my girlfriend last night (who knows about my fetish) and we were talking videogames and she says "I want to play Dead Island." I said "I've been thinking about getting it, but I heard it's really scary. I'm going to wet myself when we get to the sewers." She asked "Why would you wet yourself?" I replied "because it's scary!" Of course I was joking about wetting myself, but she replied "...then wear a diaper." I replied "...really?" She answered "Yea. It makes sense. It's easier to clean up."

    I just might take her up on that suggestion. What do you guys think?

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    Not sure, a lot of times is simply fun (which I do a lot too.) I'm not really sure what told me my sometimes GF - that I'm like a little kid, when I'm calling her for something (it isn't about phone, eh !) But I'm not sure to show her my AB...

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    I reckon this was a simple joke she was making, I wouldn't take her up on it.

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    I don't know. I usually know when she's joking. She was quite serious.

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    I would definitately try to bring it up again sometime. Dont make it a big deal but good luck!

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    why not? if she knows and is cool with it, then give it a shot

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    Go ahead and put on a diaper next time you play. If it feels right, then go ahead and use it. Just don't expect her to change you. If she asks if you wet it, just say, "Yeah. I better go get changed." And go do it yourself. If she wants to do it she will stop you or ask if you want her to. Thats my to cents.

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    yes i would say go ahead and wear one ,, but just wear shorts over it i dont think you should prance out in a shirt and diaper only.... good luck

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    Sounds like the greenlight to me, if she knows about your fetish and said that, absolutely wear the diaper, but I dont think it would be advisable to use it, as I dont know how she would react to that, but wear something over it and then when you are playing the game you can tell her, " I am wearing the diaper like you said, and then you could take your pants off and show her, and if she asks if you need changed tell her yes, but dont have anything in it.

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