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Thread: if you was the size of mini me....

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    Default if you was the size of mini me....

    if you was the size of mini me? would you enjoy being a AB still? getting clothes and diapers might be easier.. buy the down side would be getting around... reaching up to your cabinets so on and so on. so what you think? i think it would be cool... since i am 6'1'' and would like to be smaller might be a challenge for a while but i think i would addapt

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    I'm 6'3" , so I'd probably like to try it. But I woudn't want to be his size permanantly. I definitely wouldn't want to be dressed like mini-me hahaha :p

    Also, I think the Austin powers quote will soon ensue. Yeah baby, yeah.


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    i guess i should have said would you like to be his size for the day... yeahh baby..

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    I'd like it just for the chance at some pampers. And it would be easy to find a cute furry costume i could buy without going through the trouble of having to make one that is for a guy like me of 6'6". Also wouldn't like it permanently though.

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    it'd be interesting to go through a day where i'm not taller than everybody.

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    At 4 11" I'm very happy with my size. I don't think I would enjoy being any smaller, because I do enjoy being an adult as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZakRoo View Post
    it'd be interesting to go through a day where i'm not taller than everybody.
    I know. It would be funny to see the looks on everyones face too. But it would suck trying to get into my dads truck since it's lifted so high off the ground.
    So, I'd do it for a day maybe a week max.

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    the more i think about it i think it would be fun for a day but not permanently. but if you had the power to change when you was in a AB mood.. that would be pretty cool. but for me when i really regress it is how i feel anyways

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    I'm good, a bit shorter sure that small no. (Im about 5 9")

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    I have not met many dwarves but don't they usually have adult sized waists? Meaning baby diapers and clothing would be equally useless. It would make being held and cuddled less awkward but hardly worth all the other problems.

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