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Thread: hot topic footies

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    Default hot topic footies

    so I just got an adorable hello kitty footies from hot topic. they carry adult sized footies at least for now. my boyfriend doesn't know about my AB side but thinks I look adorable in the footies. I'm kinda slowly easing my AB side in. nothing but this right now, anything else and I will have to let him know first.

    on the plus side even without my nobly and diaper its great to lounge around a bit babyish

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    I saw some at Spencers with Jack from the Nightmare Before Chirstmas too. I need to pick one of those up.

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    Since you're all at the mall... Sears had some nice ones too. They have Minnie Mouse, monkey's and a few others.

    I got the Monkey/Banana one for $17 on sale (50% off). I am about 225lbs. 6'0 and the XL one fits me.

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    i plan on ordering the cookie monster ones from spencers

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    I didn't know Sears is selling adult footies too, I shoulda checked there first since the ones at hot topic are like $40

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    target carried footy jammies also... but you have to be a little smaller to wear them,, i am 6'1'' and the xl fit me ,, but are super tight

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    I have a pair of Target footies too, pink with puppies on it. love them both, tho my hello kitty on has a hood with ears on it. couldn't be more adorable

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    Quote Originally Posted by cookiemonsterbaby76 View Post
    i plan on ordering the cookie monster ones from spencers
    Me too , and since they're so cheap I'll probably end up buying some other ones too . I'll probably get them at some point during thanksgiving break since I live like two blocks from the mall .

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    It's really strange that I never see them anywhere :/ maybe it's just a Canada thing, but I have yet to see any feety pajamas in stores here. It's weird, considering how cold our winters are. If I could find them I would pick up a pair, but I just haven't seen them around.


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    I have heard they are big in the states because people are turning thier heat way down. I guess it is not that bad here yet.

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