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    This is an old photo with goodnites in a box. I thought goodnites in larger packages were a new concept as of recently. This says otherwise. Does anyone remember goodnites coming in this size package before 2010? Does anyone know where you can find goodnites, especialy L/XL, in packages like that today?

    Thanks for the help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by patrick1776 View Post
    Does anyone know where you can find goodnites, especialy L/XL, in packages like that today?
    A medical supply company. Here is an example.

    I've never seen cases of Goodnites on store shelves, but I did see a case of Underjams once, and now it's killing me that I can't remember where. D'oh!

    EDIT: I missed that my link was to the S/M size. Can't seem to find the L/XL, but I'm sure *somebody* sells it.

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    Target sells underjams in 40 count boxes both SM and LXL, but goodnites are much more rare. One of the bulk stores costco or sams club claims to carry boxes of goodnites in some of their locations but I cannot confirm this and I am also sure that they only have small goodnites.

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    I heard somewhere that you can order cases of Goodnites from pharmacies (i.e. the Walgreens pharmacy) but I've never tried and can't confirm it.

    EDIT: I forgot that you can find them on eBay, so try searching there.
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    When I was getting Goodnites by the case they never came in a colorful box like the smaller ones. Basically it was a brown box with the GN's Logo and size on it. My best guess is that it was just for the smaller sized ones.

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